Rocky River

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  1. I have fished the rock the past two days for smallmouth for the first time on the river and it was a blast. Sunday, my and my dad caught 11 or so smallies most in the range of 12-16 in. with the big one topping off at bout 19". Today I fished alone and and caught about 6 smallies most being either 8 or 12". All the fish were caught on rebel craws. I also did get a hit or two from a pike and I could see the body and fins out of the water as I got the hit. But, they shreaded the line. What other kinds of lures work well on the rock. Do the times fishing matter too? Sun we fished early and got big fish and today i fished the afternoon and caught small ones.
  2. i never been to the rocky, i want to fish it for smallmouth sometime this summer.

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    Drove over the Rocky today -- very high water levels. Even though the first ten miles of the river from the lake received little or no rain, far upstream areas (Strongsville, North Royalton, Medina) received a bunch. For those who know the river, water is nearly over the fords between the nature center and Berea, with the west branch nearly as high. Without any more rain, it will probably still be the middle of next week before things return to fishable levels. For those needing a stream smallie fix, the black, vermilion, and huron were nearly unaffected from the rains on Wednesday.
  4. I haven't fished the river in a few years now that I live in Columbus but I used to do real well with just about any color Rapala but firetiger seemed to be best. Also, 4" PowerBaits have always been a killer. Hope that helps some. Good luck. I'm really jealous because it's been so long and just not alot of good smallie rivers down here.