Rocky River

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  1. Hello everyone! I had some time yesterday so i hit up the Rocky. The river was a bit stained but not bad at all. There was still some ice but the river was open and seemed to be a bit on the low side actually. I have to say, i didnt even see one fish and i was down there for 4+ hours! What gives?? Altho it was good to be on the river again, it would have been nice to at least see a fish :) I talked to a few other ppl fishing and they did not see or catch anything either. Is it still too early? I believe in years past i have seen a good number of fish at this time. I dont know. Incidently, I had the end of my rod break when i was cleaning the ice out of the end guide. I was pretty pissed about that. I have an StCroix Avid series 7wt and really didnt put much pressure on the end of the rod at all. Im going to get it repaired but not sure if i would want to use it again at all. I mean, what if it broke when i had a fish one! Sorry for the rant but for some reason i thought better than that for StCroix. I may have to go for the ORvis. Hopefully they can handle the cold better than StCroix.
  2. I have a st. croix and a couple of years ago I had a steelie on and then my rod snapped in half where the 2 pieces come together. It's still sitting in my garage. I heard though they will replace them or something like that. If anyone knows any info that would be helpful thanks

  3. Go to st.croix's website tells you everything you need to do to replace/fix it. St.croix's are good rods and all rods break no matter what brand. plus they are mostly made in the u.s.a! hard to find rods that can say that.
  4. Thanks for the info. I guess my main concern was that the rod became brittle over time and not bc of the weather. I did call StCroix and they said it was probably just due to cold. I was hoping that rods didnt "go bad" if that makes sense. Honestly i havent had any issues with StCroix up until now tho. I also have a 5wt StCroix that has been fine.

    also, does anyone know whats up with the rock? It look like it was in great condition! but, no fishies....
  5. I stopped at the rocky, chagrin and grand yesterday. none of them seemed too fishable to be. maybe if I was chucking bait with a float.

    its like that out east, too. last year the fish were loading up. this year, not so much. where I expect to see fish lining up, they just arent there.
  6. I was there yesterday,caught 5 missed4,iwas there last tuesdayand caught4, and one of the biggest that i have ever caught out of the rock,it was 36" 13.13lbs female,lots of eegs...
  7. Thanks! i usually fish those areas but i decided to make a left instead of a right coming off Puritus (stupid move on my parts lol). Well in any matter, they are pretty spotty to say the least upriver. Im going to try my luck again this weekend hopefully. Thanks again for the info :)

  8. 36'' WOW, thats as long as the state record steelhead!
    I got one 2! But I got a pic of mine seeeeeeeeee;)


    where is your pic? 36'' you HAD to get a pic of that beast right?