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Rocky River steelhead

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fordbronco95, Dec 13, 2004.

  1. My uncle and I were thinking of trying Rocky River for the first time and we are both very inexperinced when it comes to steelhead fishing. We can get the basics from the internet, but were not sure if there still biting. If they are still biting where would be a good place to start and what type of bait to use. Any help would be great. Thanks in advanced.
  2. Fordbronco,

    The Steelhead will be in the river system until about April. You can catch them all winter if you can find open water. The best baits to use are spawn sacks, minnows, and jig/maggot combos.


  3. The Rodmakers Shop located at St.Rt.82 and Prospect Road in Strongsville can help you out on basic tackle, bait as well as good information. Only problem is they open at 10am.
  4. Ford,

    Like Wes said, the fish will be in the river until the spring, around April, beginning of may. Wes knows what he is talking about, so listen to his advice, as do many others here on OGF. Talk to a guy named Dingo. He knows the Rocky well. I personally do not give away spots on any river or trib, but you can PM me and other guys and we can give info that way. That's just the way I do it. It's just respect. Fish from the Emerald Necklace Marina all the way up a bit past the Nature Center. All I will say.

    For some awesome Steelheading tips go to This is a good guy who knows what he is talking about. Everything you need for any method of Steelhead fishing is there. He is a friend of our buddy Wormdrowner, another great Steelheader and great guy.

    If you are bait fishing, use black jig and maggot or black with red or chartruese head. The are really catching them with spawn sacks, mostly pink or salmon colored sacks and eggs.

    If you are fly-fishing they are really going after sucker spawns, egg pattern, minnow pattern, or egg sucking leech pattern. That is what I use, but maybe guys are getting them with other flies too. I don't know.

    Erie Outfitters in Sheffield has all of what you will need or Rodmakers in Strongsville. If you need any further help or even a guide for the day feel free to PM me or anyone else here on OGF who are familiar with the Rocky. Hope this helps.

    My name is Mat. Nice to meet you.

  5. Wannabitawerm

    Wannabitawerm Flatulent Entreprenuer

    saintmathew, Dingo is the man. Fished with him a couple of times. He knows his trout. I would scope the river and look for the crowds. Ask some questions and watch the type of water they are fishing. After a while, you will begin to understand the whys and why nots of fishing the river. During the week, it's not too crowded. If you see one or two guys working a big hole, ask if you can join, but stay at least 50 feet from them and watch your drift. I started out that way, and just look at me now!!

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  6. liquidsoap

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    Your lucky I am in a hurry got to get to the river ;)

    Ford when you get to the river, ask around there are many willing people to help you out like me....
    Good luck...
  7. steelheader1/Wannabitawerm/liquidsoap,
    This thread was from 2004. fordbronco95 hasn't been back since.

  8. liquidsoap

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    Thanks for the heads up..
    Dont usually look at dates. :D
  9. Same with Saintmathew. I'm not sure why this post was brought back.