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  1. hello first i want evry one to post their pics of catches from the rocky river metros in here also if any one wants to go early sun with me maybe we could meet up all i know how to catch these steelies is what you read about on the web so i would like a partner to show me the local stuff i am a self taught angler i cant wait to see all the pics on here to
  2. Hello welcome! Your post reads like a ransom letter. I'm sure someone will help you out. I fish rocky river almost exclusively but I'm not experienced enough with steelhead to offer any worthwhile tips.

  3. sorry did not mean to sound like a ransom letter that made me reread it i try to be exclusive to but maybe we can bust heads and share ideas with each other i have been trying everyhting latly done there and all i got was i hooked a steelie thru the top fin some how lol
  4. All of my pics of steelies in my gallery are from the rock. I can't make it down sunday i'll be in columbus for the big game saturday and can garuntee i wont be up early enough to fish sunday but shoot me a pm if your ever going down during the week, i fish 4-5 times a week. Its less crowded during the week. It might be a little like the blind leading the blind on account of im only in my 2nd season of steelie fishing but id be glad to offer all the help i can.
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    If you have any questions I might be able to help . I have been steelheading for about 8 years . I havent been to the rocky for about 2 years but I still know it.

    I remember when I 1st started fishing for them and it was a little bit of a challenge to figure out how to get them. Now with this website there is alot of info on how to get them.