Rocky River smallmouth (pic)

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  1. This might be one of the worst quality pictures ever posted on OGF, yes the fish had a head and eyes... but what do you expect when you pay 10.00 for a digital camera. Landed 2 smallies Sunday on muddlers at Rocky they were the largest I have caught and the fights were amazing and alot more fierce than I had thought they would be, got used to the smaller ones that I had been catching this past month... a great day. Low water, and alot of walking to get to fishable water...Here is a picture of the first one. The picture of the other one is way too bad to post, unless you want to see a picture of a fish eyeball.. but it was about the same size...

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  2. Janus,
    Even with the cut off picture, that is obviously a very nice stream smallie. Now I'm jealous! ;)
    Seriously, thanks for sharing.

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    There are three types of photographers as I have preached to my wife. There is the artist, the historian, and there is the snap shot artist. Which one do you aspire to be?

    I am 50% artist as I shoot a Nikon professional series, and 25% historian with 25% event preservationist as I shoot a Nikon point-n-shoot digital. Every one of them has their worth and benefit. But which one do you strive for.

    Personally, I would rather hold a rod in my hand than a camera. Okay, a few deer hunting episodes that may not have been true. But, that is not to say the camera isn't close by but it runs in second place. If you want tips, drop me a line my friend. Good shots and tight lines!
    Rick D.:)