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Rocky river Smallies

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by parmaangler, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. The smallies were biting this morning. I took my boy with me and we were hitting them left and right. We were right in front of the Lagoon picnic area dam. That place seems to be loaded with smallies. I got a new st. croix rod and shimano reel setup for my birthday and was dying to try it out. It's amazing how spending a little money for a great ultralight setup really improves the sensitivity and your catch rate. Most fish were small, but there was one 13" that was a great fight on such a nice setup.
  2. Good job Parma

    Those river smallies are a blast on an ultralight set up. I live in Parma as well and the Rock is my favorite place to fish.

  3. devildog#1

    devildog#1 hardcore fisherman

    between the cedar point bridge and the nature center is another awesome spot for ultra lite smallies!
  4. Went back out this afternoon between 4p.m. and 6 p.m. and caught 7 more smallies. One was pretty nice sized. Gave quite a fight. Even caught a largemouth, although he unhooked himself as I was hauling him up the wall.

    Pics to be posted soon.
  5. parmaangler
    I went there yesterday,and wasnt quite sure where you were fishing. Was it on top of the wall there? If you can reply or send me a IM. Thank.

    P.S. Did catch a few over by Cedar Point.
  6. Yeah it was me and my boy and my wife on top of that wall. Right in front of the dam. Another spot I've found as a nice place is down underneith the bridge past cedar point rd.
  7. [​IMG]



    The last one I had to have the wife hold the little guy still so I could lip him without getting one of those trebles in my thumb.

    Every fish hit the head of the lures and so got hooked by both sets of trebles.
  8. when catchiing the smallies in the rocky, does water level have to be high or low? does it not have to be muddy?
  9. Parma
    Is the bride your talking about past where you were fishing. Not quite sure where your talking about.
  10. I went yesterday and started at the waterfall by oxbow lake and worked my way all the way to the bridge by the Nature Center, I caught 9 total and lost four. I caught none by the water fall but got 3 by the bend just past the nature center and 6 under the bridge by the nature center I set up on the rocks under the bridge on the nature center side. on my walk back I saw a school of SMB at the bridge that crosses the Rock over cedar point Rd. and two under the foot bridge by the ford that leads to oxbow lake. I'll be out there today in a few hrs.
  11. Tom G, It is just south of Cedar point rd. I believe it is the last damn that the fish all get caught at.

    Try fishing right in the overflowing water. I've been finding the bigger ones right in the undertow of the falling water.
  12. Hit the bridge by the nature center again today and ended up with only six my biggest one was 13.5" and the smallest was 10". I measured and photoed all of them if I can ever figure out how to get my pic's off my phone I'd have a sweet gallery. Good times!, I'm gonna hit the Black River tomorrow am and might head back to the Rock in the PM?....
  13. Here's my six from today..

  14. Hit the Rock again today, at first I was not gonna go because I had some work to do but decided to go to meet up with Bigbassin07 Glad I did, I got 6 so that's 21 in three day's... I HAVE MASTERED THE ROCK! lol j/k. I think I'm gonna give the fish a break and hit the Black river tomorrow..

    On a side note thanks Tom G. I got two by letting the lure fall into the waterfall wake! 10.5" and 9.0"

    The other four were caught by the nature center I even got a round of applause from a family on the deck of the nature center!
  15. Went to the Rock this morning. Caught several nice ones again in front of the dam at the lagoon oxbow area. Also caught the biggest fish between the nature center and cedar point rd. picnic area. Biggest was 14 inches today, he smashed a rapala suspending minnow in fire tiger color. What a fight those little guys give. I can only imagine what a 3 lb. fish feel like!!

    I'm definately anxious for some steelhead here in the next month or so. I've now found a few spots to walk to to try and catch a few this fall.

    This new st. croix rod and shimano reel setup w/ 8 lb. p-line fluoro clear line should be ahoot to get a nice steelie on. Saw lots of fly fisherman boning up for the season this morning.

    You definately get your workout while walking all those miles along the river.

    No pics, wife had the camera in her car.