Rocky River smallies

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by ronjw1, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. Planning on taking a trip to Rock River in the morning. I was wondering if anyone had some information on how things are.
    We got some rain but not much.
    Planning on starting up closer to lake erie (detroit rd) entrance to the metroparks.
    What baits do you guys use?
    I usually use 4" tubes. I have some small crankbaits (crawdad).

    Any help would be appreciated. Good luck out there.

  2. I'll be down there in the AM also I throw rooster tails and always have good luck.
    I also use some power bait I use crawdads on a jig and bounce the bottom of the deeper holes.
    A good area to try is one that I have been playing in this year Cross the bridge by the rockcliff springs ford and park in the lot to the left. Walk the river about a half mile to where it bends some nice deep holes there. I cough a steel head on a rooster tail there and numerous small mouths. Hope the weather didn't stir things up

    If you see a red Mustang look for me at the above mentioned spot...

  3. Thank for the reply. I had a rooster tail but I lost it in the river some where.
    I have power tubes jigs and mr.twisty tail (white).
    I usually start up river and work my way down. Walk a little then go back to the car and move down a ways. I go by the red barn. My good friend got me started down there had have never caught a thing down there ever. I have never caught a small mouth either. I hear it is a pretty good fight. I seen a guy on here who caught one fly fishing I think that would be pretty awesome.
    Well maybe I will see you down there. Blue mercury sable
  4. So ronjw1 How was your trip.. I caught nothing! and around 5ish I decided to head to Coe Lake caught 3 small largmouths, one was like 4" on a 2" roostertail!
    Two weeks ago I was pulling 8-10 Smallmouths out of the river a day the past week or so nothing! I may need to head out to the Hoga. This is the summer of Smallmouths for me.