Rocky River Route 18?

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by lucky1, May 10, 2008.

  1. Was driving down Rt. 18 this morning and seen a sign and a pull off that said West Branch Rocky River. Mapquested it and saw that it's right before at splits into North Branch. This is extreme up river. Wondering if anyone has fished this before.
  2. Skinny water, some nice smallmouth but nothing like downstream in the main stem of the river. Lots of private property in that area, but a good stretch that borders medina reservior is all public. Was a lot better when the medina fish hatchery was upstream - always some nice rainbows down in that stretch after a big rain.

  3. Thanks Steel. Would you say it's worth my time? I've never caught a smallie. Or should I go a little more down stream.
  4. For smallmouth during the next month, definately go downstream. I caught many on Saturday afternoon within a few miles of Erie. One was over 20".

    I have caught a mixed bag of fish way upstream, with some good sized channel cats and bluegill. A good sized smallmouth bass in that stretch will be 14"-16". That's an average spring run bass downstream. The nice thing about the medina area for the rocky is that you won't see many crowds since there are more fishing opportunities within the metropark stretch closer to the big lake.
  5. That's perfect for me though because I have to drive out there 3 times a week for wrestling practice so I might as well stop by and fish.
  6. Medina reservoir had decent fish at one time anyone know if it still worth fishing?