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  1. Fished some well known spots on the rocky yesterday, and had a good time. Other than forgetting my net in the car, it was fun. Went 1 for 5. I lost a monster because of the no net thing, probably 30 inches, just guessing. I had to send my buddy running to the car for the net! I only saw it roll once, and then never got her off the bottom before she snapped the line! Steelhead eggs were key!
  2. How was the flow? Looking at it, I would say that it would be very high.... Did you fish the morning? Looking to get up there this week but it doesn't look good, especially with the weather coming in.

  3. Mike,

    The Rock is up but the color looks good. It should be in decent shape tomorrow if we get snow instead of rain tonight. It may be a bit slushy in the monring though.

  4. I might wait until Thursday, just incase the level comes up in the morning. Has Janke hole been producing? Still in the tailout?
  5. Talked to Jason up at Rocky River Tackle around 12 and he said he recently drove down and it wasnt going to fish today. They're predicting a bad mix of rain/snow/sleet mixture from 4:00 tonight until 7:00 tomorrow morning. If we get that it will probably be another good 3 or 4 days until good fishing again.
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    where is R R tackle, last trip to the rock ,i forgot my bait at home?
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    fished it yesterday as well only for a few hours only thing catching was pink egg sacs. water was high, stained and rising. drove through a rainstorm to get there i thought about turning around 3-4 times but didn't lol. Don't sweat the breakoffs carpman. I have been losing more than i have been landing lately too. I don't get it. I think since the fishing was so poor for those few weeks i am shocked when i get a bite and get a little excited. keep that rod tip up.
  8. Yea, I kept the rod tip plenty high, but 8lb test with a 4lb leader maybe pushing it with a steely that's in the 9-10lb range.

    Ying, I got there before the sun came up. I actually lost two before the sun even came over the trees. I like fishing the rock when it's elevated cause the holes get deeper, and the fish like to sit at the head of runs......It was muddy and rising when I left yesterday, this mixture of crap weather we are going to get won't help!
  9. Lorain rd, just east of Giant Eagle in between 220th and 210th on the south side of the street same side as giant eagle.. pm me if you have any more questions.
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    Why were you using such light test. I find when the water is high you can get away with uptol 8 lb. but then again you are the one who hooked 5 fish to my one.
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    next time you forget the net just beach that badboy!!! lol. thats what I do. however if there is ice on the sides that could be a problem... I actually use 8lb in both muddy and even in clear waters and still catch fish. use that or 6lb for clear
  12. Yea, I actually have some 10lb. p-line I could of strapped, but didn't have it with me at the water. I think I also need to focus on tying my knots. I usually just tie them really fast after a break-off.

    I have had very good luck using that setup all season.......but I think the fresh run of fish had just come from the lake and weren't lathargic yet. They all ripped lot's of line off.

    Fishaholic69, I could not bank the fish because of structure on the bank. That would have been the easiest way, but not where I was fishing!