Rocky River report

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  1. The steelhead are still trickling in slowly this week on the Rocky and Chagrin rivers. The Cleveland Metroparks report, updated weekly during the steelhead season with updates in between during changing river conditions, is available at the following link:

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    Thanks mike!
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Nice, now if we can get everyone in Berea and Olmsted Falls to flush their toilets at once we might be able to get a little run. How about emptying hinkley lake? Fishing the rock under 30cfs can't be too much fun.

  4. Yes, it is low. That's why most guys are fishing the deeper water down at the marina where early fish are staging under these conditions, as evidenced by several of the photos.

  5. The marina is where the hogs are stagging;)
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    You Might be right about the hogs, what about the parking lot creeper, I can't standing fishing up that close............................