Rocky River Report 11/17

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  1. was down at the rock all day today. i was skunked but saw quite a bit of action. saw 4 on a white jig/mag combo. 5 on egg sacs and 6 on inline spinners. i tried everything and couldn't buy a bite. oh well a great day on the water still. from what i hear jig/mag has been the ticket the past two days. good luck to anyone heading out this evening or tomorrow.
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    Also went for about 3 hours.
    Lost one on a plastic.
    Seen a ton of people and not much catching.
    Water looked great!

  3. Found a few steel on Rocky with the pin. Best bite was between 9 and 11 for me. All on pink egg sacs at the head of pools. Trotting is so much fun ;)
    Here are a couple pics from my cell phone.
  4. fished the middle of the rock.i was 7/11 with 8 of the hookups between 1130 and 1. sucker spawn,and nymphs worked for me.char,and blk was the best color. water temp was 42 when it heated up. the bite was extremely light,but once on they were last fish broke off because this idiot decided to wade right were my fish was running. he saw me hook it then proceded to walk to it and start casting. i wanted to him go swimming.some people are something
  5. What was he wearing? i think i saw the same guy.
  6. Went to Rocky River yesterday. This was my first trip.
    I was assisting at a women's fly fishing clinic at the
    Nature Center. A few of us fly fishing ladies, walked down to the
    river but did not see any fish. Tried fishing below the bridge but did
    not see a fish or get any bites. Are the fish not up this far?
    I am not looking for secret spots, just an idea as to how far they are upstream.

    Thanks in advance,

  7. They have been "up that far" for about a month and a half. Actually, you will find them as far as they can swim on both branches (further south). Unless the water is high, a better choice is the deeper water above above that bridge.
  8. wasn't really paying attention what he was wearing,besides his waders. he was wading where the fish would be.sometimes he was in chest high water. i saw him fall in 5 times.but he did tell me he caught a 36 in steely and released him. i release my fish,but 36 in. i think that wouldof been mounted and maybe a state record fish. i just laughed. did you see a bobber swimming around.that it looked like jaws with the barrels.