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Rocky & Grand - no fish?

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by rweis, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. Thursday night and Saturday morning, we fished the Rocky and Friday we fished the Grand by canoe. 3 guys fishing for a total of almost 75 man-hours of fishing and 3 dinks. I saw some uncooperative Carp, but never a hint of Rockies or Gills. Now, none of us are the greatest fly fishermen, but we did everything we could think of except use live bait. We threw topwater and subsurface, we nymphed, we highsticked, we fished downstream, we fished upstream, and I used every technique that is in Harry Murray's video for SM.

    I'm wondering if the long stretch of hot weather sent a lot of the fish to the lake. Any ideas? Are we just bad FFers? Anybody catching fish on these rivers? Thansk.
  2. Sounds like you guys did your work. Would have thought the closer you got to the mouth, the better your chances of catching fish. What part of the rivers did you fish?

    Some hot weather, some rain storms earlier in the days of summer......likely they both hurt you some. River fishin is a different world.

    Did you fly fish only....or did you also try some spinning gear?

  3. liquidsoap

    liquidsoap Pay-it-foward fisherman

    I talk to a few people who have a lot of success throwing buggers and crayfish patterns.
  4. We fished the Rocky near the lake and down in the park. We fished about 5 miles of the Grand near Harpersfield. We did throw some spinnerbaits, craw-cranks, and in-line spinners. For FFing we tossed poppers, Sneaky Petes, Japanese beetles, Clousers, Buggers, Lil Buggers, James Woods Bucktails, Craws, Strymphs, and Nymphs. I fished water that looked like they were the models for Murray's book. Talk about frustrating. Oh well, the weekend was beautiful, and I definitely want to canoe the Grand this fall. The tree colors must be incredible.
  5. This time of year, I would fish the middle to upper portions - from Morley ford upstream (south). These are mostly resident fish, which probably don't travel back and forth from the lake and are around all year round. The lower section (near the marina & first three fords) is best from late March thru June, when the lake run smallies (big ones) are in the river. Most leave for the lake in June/July, so you're left with a few residents and the real small ones left over from spawning.