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Rocky Fork

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by ajangsta04, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. Any news on how rocky fork is doing?

    i was planning on going out there next weekend.
  2. I am going there labor day weekend camping and fishing as well. Was also wondering how the bit was. Have not been there since the 4th of july.


  3. carxman17

    carxman17 cincinnati fishaholic

    I would love to know also might go soon.
  4. hey ctthompson where are you staying at? site number?

    im going with a group of friends next weekend. i was planning on renting a boat out there...but not sure yet....does anyone know how much it costs to rent a boat?
  5. I will be camping on privet property that my wife's cusins own. it is set up for 4 campers with electric and water. It is located off of north shore drive.
    One of the cusins will have his pontoon there because there will be a lot of use there this weekend.

  6. well i guess i should report my trip from rocky fork

    overall i wasn't too thrilled about the fishing there. caught a couple of flatheads and some bluegills. i did both boat and shore fishing at all times of the day and the fish were not very active.

    i talked to some other people that were there and they too said that they didnt catch much.

    i think unless i cools down dramatically or i start hearing from people that the lake is active again...i most likely won't return there.
  7. Same hear. The fish were slow. I got a total of 7 in three days. 1 saugey, 1 very small largemouth, 2 perch, & 3 blue gills.