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Rocky Fork

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by basshunter11, May 26, 2007.

  1. basshunter11

    basshunter11 I am Second

    I will be fishing a bass tournament on Rocky Fork in mid August, I have never been their. What is the lake like? How is the water clarity? Is it a flood control? dose it get muddy after a big rain? Do they catch many smallmouth? What kind of weight should it take to win? Is their a good map of rocky fork? Any info will be helpfull. Is their any cabins or cotages or any place else to stay a week?
  2. I have been there several times... Last tourny I fished there was with young whiskers and I think we had 6-7 lbs.... something like that and we thought we did alright.... But a few oz's shy of 20 won that tourny....Thats a little unrealistic if you ask me.. to get a stringer like that ud have to catch over 100 fish to get 6 4 lbers... But id say it gonna take around 12 lbs.

    there are smallies in there...never seen one
    the lake is very long, relatively good water clearity, and heavily fished.


  3. Fish It Man

    Fish It Man Bass Fishing Guru

    Been a few years since I fished it but, the lake does hold a good population of large and smallmouth or used to. Being your fishing in August, you want to fish the deeper edges of the lake from the mid point of the lake to the spillway. That's where you will find your best concentration of fish, the only map that I know of that is available is the state map and you can get that from the DNR website. Early morning I would be on the southern shoreline and stick with it just backing off some once the sun is up in the day and keep on fishing the edge, because there will be so many people fishing the north shore it will be like beating your brains out and combat fishing.

    Jigs, crankbaits (firetiger and a shad matching), senko style baits rigged wacky, spinner baits and suspending jerkbaits, and top water baits in the morning, most of the fish will be suspended off the edge or close to it depending on wind direction. I've seen where it took 25 lbs to win there in the spring and it happen in 30 minutes after take-off. Hard to beat the locals on that lake, but it can be done but if you do not put the time in as in pre-fishing and learning the lake then stay home and save your money.
  4. hi bass hunter i live on rocky fork pm me lets fish it sometime i can sho u some hot spots that should help u alot thanks chad