Rocky Fork

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  1. How low is Rocky Fork. I'm thinking about heading down there this weekend to do some bass fishing.
  2. Its down very little ,its not a flood control lake so it stays pretty constant .Saw a few people bass fishing this weekend ,good luck

  3. Do you know how the bass are biting?
  4. Cordon

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    We hit up Rocky Fork yesterday, got 2 really nice largemouths and 10 or so white bass that were really nice sized as well.

    All were caught on shallow diving shad colored cranks fishing just outside the weed line which covered the entire lake. The shad were so thick in the lake in looked as if it was raining all day. The level seemed fine, its not a real deep lake in general, but didn't notice it was lower than normal.

    Fished from 7:30 - 12 then headed to Paint and caught a few crappie. Now Paint Creek on the other is really, really low. I don't know if they took it to winter level or if its so low due to lack of rain, this was my first trip to Paint this year so can't compare it to anything.
  5. I have never fished at Paint Creek. How is the bass fishing there. It's been a few months since I was at Rocky Fork.
  6. The bass fishing at PC seems to go in spurts, its a very good lake to bass fish early in the summer, I've only been out there a couple of times this year, and caught only 2 over the 15" limit.