rocky fork lake?

Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by diemakerbc, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. how is the fishing going?how lowis the lake?
  2. Fishman

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    Was there 2 weekends ago, water level seemed normal to me but then again it was the first time i've ever fished it. The fishing was awful, one green sunfish in about 8 hours of bass fishing.

  3. honestly....i'd give it a good sold 2-4 years before going back there again.

    i was there with some buddies of mine and the fishng was terrible
  4. ive always done real good with bass there
  5. A few weeks ago I had a club tour and I was very good for me....first time on the lake and won the tourny with two fish 4.95lbs for both ...thru the day I had good action on top water.....lost two nice fish has the time that I was there the lake look good .....:D
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    Ever to typical of our lakes around here.. My buddy was at a bass tourny weigh in the other day and he said that a bunch of the fish that they were releasing after weigh in were dieing due to high water temp and stress. this is horible I think. something isnt right about that concidering alot of the clubs that put these tourntys on are conservation clubs.