rocky fork catfish

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  1. are these things non existent at this lake or something, been there a few times. from the south shore and the docks areas within the last 2 months using chicken liver and night crawlers caught a few carp and 1 tiny cat in all.

    i might just be in the wrong place maybe?. the thick weeds are also a problem if anyone else has done any fishing from the bank you would notice. i real in 20 pounds of weeds per ounce of fish i catch it seems.
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    Never fished there, but I would suggest trying to fish the edge of the weed bed, especially if there is open water within 6' of the shoreline.


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    They are thick over on the shallow end in the no wake zone, couldn't keep them off a minnow last weekend near the bank. Big channels, bent my crappie rod in half.
  4. yeah im going back tonight going to try the marina/dock area on i think its the east or maybe its south shore, you figure it would be best sitting on the bottom, or closer to the top?... never fished anywhere with thick weeds like this before i usually fish streams instead of lakes so i wouldn't know really i guess how exactly to go about it . i did try casting over the weeds but thats almost impossible without slamming some poor guy on a boat 40 yards out with a sinker :D------------- went and caught 8 maybe 4 feet off the bank with rotten liver/home made stinkbait in pantyhose sacks.. was hard to get them to bite had to cast almost on top their heads but i got them. my cousin caught 2 and a carp. not a bad night in my opinion