Rocky 1/4/09 Report

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  1. Outing Date: Sunday 1/4/09 2pm-Dark
    Body of Water: Rocky
    Weather: Overcast, with scattered showers mid day
    Air Temp: Low to mid 40's
    Water Temp: 33 rising to 34.5 F
    Water Level: About 1.5' on USGS gage, A little low
    Water Flow: About 175 cfs slowing to 150 cfs, A little slow
    Water Color: Clear/Green 2.5' visibility
    Fish Species: Steelhead
    Pattern Fished: Spawn Sacks
    Pattern Color: Yellow
    Fishing Quality: Difficult

    Report: Popular access points were packed again, and there seemed to be anglers throughout the whole river. River was getting to be a little low, slow, and clear for my liking. Late in the day fish seemed to be fairly active as I saw several splash the surface in different areas, yet I only managed to hook and land one fish for the day (small chrome hen). I hooked the fish towards the end of a long slow flowing medium depth run. I tried all sorts of baits and flies and made plenty of adjustments but only managed the one hookup on a spawn sack in yellow mesh.

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    Thank you SO much for the extremely informative report!!!

    I wish they were all like this!!!!!!! EXCELLENT!

    Tight lines!

  3. I managed to pull an 8 lb. male on my second drift on a pink spawn sack. He came out of a deep slow run. I fished for another 45 minutes and then gave up for the day. The mulitudes were beginning to arrive and I figured it was going to be too crowded for my taste.

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    Nice informative report. Thanks
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    BuzzBob Take a Dad fishing

    Cedar Point Road 1/4/09. Is that you under the bridge?

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