Rocky 1/21/09 Report

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  1. Outing Date: Wednesday 1/21/09 1:00-5:00pm
    Body of Water: Rocky River
    Weather: Partly Sunny. Blue Skies. A little windy at times.
    Air Temp: Mid 20's. Windchill was brutal when it got blowing.
    Water Temp: Low 30's
    Water Level: Normal to slightly low. Little open water. Very little flow-ice and slush.
    Water Flow: Good. Faster than would be expected for the low water levels.
    Water Color/Clarity: Clear/Green. 3'-4' visibility in some areas.
    Successful Patterns: None. Tried various egg patterns and beads, various jigs, soft plastic minnows, and stoneflies.
    Fishing Quality: Extremely Challenging

    Report: Even less open water to be had than there was on Sunday. On average, the ice shelves along the remaining open water had extended about another 4' out. Very clear water, but great flows through the handful of open areas. I gave it my all at several locations but had no luck. I saw several other anglers out appearing to have the same luck as myself. I spoke to 2 who said they had not hooked into any. Especially today, with the sun shining down through the practically gin clear water, I'd guess that all the fish are holding beneath the ice shelf canopies where I could not drift my offering to.

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    Thanks for the report

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    Dude, you are definitely a diehard!
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    morley ford was almost closed up today. only 2 small areas to fish w/ open water.