rockwell lake? Anyone fish it?

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  1. I drive through it everytime I'm on my way to west branch or berlin. A guy I work with said it is fishable, there is just no where to park or fish from. What is the story with this place? Are they're large fish in there due to lack of fishing pressure?
  2. Do a 'search' in this forum for detailed info -- it's been discussed quite a bit in the past.

    In summary, you can fish from the rte 14 causeway but there isn't any legal parking near that area. You will have to be dropped off, use a bike to get there, or take a long walk. There's another small area where you can legally fish off the east side of the lake, but that's even smaller. Since roads only cross the water in these two spots, they're the only ones with limited access.

    The rest of the lake is no fishing, no boating, no trespassing.

  3. Did the search. Absolutely amazed how cities ignore old laws when times/conditions have changed. I don't think I'll be risking my equipment/license and money any time soon. I'll stick with West Branch and Berlin!!
  4. I have a friend that swears by this lake for crappie and northern in the spring. He is also certain that it is one of the best bass lakes for big bass in the state. The problem is what everyone has already said...barely any access and no parking. I stopped on the bridge last month and talked to 2 guys fishing it. The first had about 10 bass and perch (actually pretty big perch). He was parked right on the side of the road and said he always parks there and just accepts the $10 parking ticket. The other guy was fishing for northern and didnt have any luck. He said he caught many there ealier in the year though (on big shiners). He just had a friend drop him off on the side of the road.
  5. Hey Mike,

    How fast can you run? That may be the answer to finding out if it is fishable. Things were so different 10 years ago.
  6. i remember in highschool we would just walk straight back from towners woods and got nothing but a get outta here when we got caught, around 2002 my buddy was back there and got caught, had to go to court and smarted off to the judge sayin "whatta ya gonna do, throw me in jail for fishing", he spent ten days
  7. i caught a gill there that had a 3/8 heddon river runt with both treble hooks in his mouth---just the end of the plug was sticking out---big fish
  8. Yeah alot has changed since 9/11. Although I don't understand why the cities own these reservoirs and not the state.
  9. The rockwell situation was the same before and after 9/11 - same with other 'water supply' reservoirs like meander, a few parts of ladue, barberton, etc. It's probably more of a liability change since they could be sued for bad stuff that could happen on their waterways/shorelines. The thing that irritates some about the Akron water supply situation is that they have the right to forbid all from using their water source while dumping much of their waste downstream in the cuyahoga.

    If the municipalities wanted to make some bucks and control the access to these waterways - open a limited/lottery system for ability to fish these waterways for a fee and restricted access (use their boats only, no shore fishing, low possession limits, etc.). The other option is to keep all off the water & property, so if you're on the property, you can be arrested. If they spend the bucks to patrol the property, they will fine accordingly.

    On the plus side, these waterways provide nursery waters for the attached waterways. This is probably one of the reasons for the decent pike population in the cuyahoga.
  10. PAYARA


    The situation with this lake sickens me.I don't
    understand how letting people fish the lake would
    effect the drinking water?I could understand gas
    motors but electric?All the stuff that washes off
    the causeway (oil,salt,ect) is doing more to the
    water than any electric motor could do.What
    real harm would shore fishing do?

    I figure if they have these massive lakes they
    should do something with them.They could charge
    a sizeable fee (I would pay a few $100 a year to
    get on it) even if it was only open a few months
    a year with restricted hours.They should dig a few
    gravel ramps and a few shore fishing acesses.And
    impose limits on the fish.I think they would get
    alot of interest.One day they will probably level
    the banks/trees and sell it all to some housing
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    I found this on a City of Kent info site.

    Akron - Lake Rockwell:

    In 1998, the City joined Portage County, Ravenna, Munroe Falls, Cuyahoga Falls and Silver Lake in filing legal action against the City of Akron concerning the lack of flow (and quality of flow) being released from Lake Rockwell. The legal judgment from this case is currently going through the appeal process in the 11th Appellate Court of Appeals.Recreational activities are not allowed on the lake due to EPA regulations for the cause of solid testing results without tamper or inconsistancy.

    Based upon a long history of several “no flow days” through the Lake Rockwell dam and responding to pressure from the Ohio EPA and downstream users, Akron entered into a 1998 agreement with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to release a minimum of 3,500,000 gallons per day from Lake Rockwell dam. There is, however, no guarantee of this flow during severe drought conditions. Over the past few years, it has been reported that the water released from Lake Rockwell has been greater than 5,000,000 gallons per day.

    Also, through consultation with the Ohio EPA, the City continues to seek additional requirements to be placed upon the Lake Rockwell water release to monitor water quality.
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    Is the situation with Rockwell similar to Meander Creek? That is one BIG lake i can't help but to start foaming at the mouth over every time i drive over it.