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Rockmill Lake in Lancaster 11/14/04

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fishintiger, Nov 15, 2004.

  1. I went out this morning with Miss fishintiger and we froze. It was about 40 degrees out. Man she must really love me to do that. I woke up at 7:30 to go fishing and I told her I was leaving and she said she wanted to go with me but didn't want to get up yet. So I went out and read the paper for about 30 minutes and she came out and said she couldn't sleep. So we loaded up the truck and off to the lake we went. We stopped in at the bait shop and got some minnows and some night crawlers, shot the bs for a couple minutes with the owners and then off to the lake we headed. Now it was about 9:30 when we got to the lake and like I said it was about 40 degrees. We bundled up and walked to the bank. Set up the chairs and casted out. She started out with minnows and I went with the trusty (well I thought) night crawlers. Nothing on either minnows or night crawlers. I decided I was going to put a minnow on and see if I could get anything. Reeled my line in. Put a minnow on, Cast out. Minnow flew off. Son of a ... (internet edit), reeled back in. Put another minnow on, cast out, Son of a ... (internet edit), lost another minnow. Reeled back in, put another minnow on. Do you think it could happen 3 times in a row? If you guessed yes then you are correct. Lost another minnow. Fine I'll go back to the stupid night crawlers. Put a fresh night crawler on, cast out and waited, and waited, and waited. Nothing.

    By now it's getting really cold just sitting there. I said fine let's go home. I was going to be a man and take my skunk and go home and pout. Miss fishintiger said let's leave at 11:30. It was only 10:45. What a trooper she is. She is going to take one for the team. I was ready to go. So I said ok. Well I decided that the crawlers weren't working so I would try the minnows again. Well this time I did an under hand cast and the minnow stayed on. I looked at her and said "You're going to be mad if I catch a fish with a minnow aren't you?" She said "Why?" I said "because you've been using them all morning and haven't caught anything." She said "No." So we are sitting there. 11:00 rolls around and now I know my time is running out and I still haven't caught a fish. Then wait what's that? My bobber starts moving, I reel it in a little, turn to look at something then I hear "Umm hey, hey" I look up and my bobber is gone. Yank!! Oh there's some weight. Alright fish on. I drug in this guy.


    Now I have to explain the tie. On another board we are passing around a "re-gifter" tie. It was given to another member and he has decided to pass it arond the club to members that want it. You take it fishing with you and get a picture with your biggest fish of the day or all the fish. That is why I am wearing it.