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Rocket fishing rod ??!!

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Agent47, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. Agent47

    Agent47 Trying to pull it in!!!!

    A couple of weeks ago I took a visit to Cabela's and checked out this fishing rod that is figured like an old 10 guage elephant rifle that launches a bobber into space and releases a hook into the water for kids.
    Today I see Roland Martin advertising it, I am considering purchasing this as a gift for a young family member.
    Anybody tried one of these yet?
  2. They are awful. The rod is so stiff by the fact that it launchs the bobber, that a kid can not feel anything.

  3. bass


    Junk , do not wast your money
  4. willy

    willy no boat

    My father, the fish-O-holic from the first day I can still remember, had a rig similar to those new poles. It was from the 50's if I recall and it had a heavy spring that you had to cock and just a cup on the end built into the fiberglass rod that shot whatever you put in it 8).
    Worked about as well as the previous post said the "new model" does, but it would surely get the local cat's attention if my memory serves me correctly.
  5. Seen some kids using them the other day while at Sippo... looked cool for a kid, but not sure how good they worked or would work.
  6. they are junk. my 4year old got one from his grandpa a couple months ago. it only lasted about 2 months. the reel is aweful. i think it might be a zebco 202. what ever you do stay away. if you need to buy a kid a fishing rod id suggest a small rod and a johnson reel. cant go wrong.


    yea i agree they are junk and there isnt anything wrong with a zebco 202
  8. Agent47

    Agent47 Trying to pull it in!!!!

    Thanks gang, Think ill stick with the snoopy rod and reel kit with lures. Cant go wrong with the snoopster .lol
  9. Have to say I kind of agree with the rest. My mom got one for my son, and I thought it seemed like a great idea - no casting disasters, no hooking my husband and I... but it's pretty gimicky. It's good for nothing more than bluegilling, but half the time the bobber hits the water, the lure doesn't fall out and into the water.

    HOWEVER, I'm a big fan of getting any child out on the lake and away from the TV set. If this is what it takes, then go for it - sometimes kids will jump on a gimick, even if the Snoopy model is the far better tool. Good luck either way!