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Discussion in 'Computing & Gaming Discussions' started by 2talltim, Feb 5, 2005.

  1. 2talltim

    2talltim Bubby wanna be

    Got time warners road runner hooked up today and :eek: OH MY GOD!!!!!i :eek: didnt know what i was blows my mind how fast it is...SWEET!!!!!!! :)
  2. It may cost more but I'm glad that I have it too. Nothing like it....JIM

  3. Chuck P.

    Chuck P. Here We Go Steelers

    Email I received from RoadRunner today:

    Road Runner is pleased to announce yet another enhancement to your high speed online service — even more speed! For the standard Road Runner service, download speeds have increased to 5 Mbps (up from 3 Mbps). Upload speeds remain at 384 Kbps. This makes Road Runner triple the speed of DSL's standard package and more than 100 times faster than dial-up!* And, you are receiving these higher speeds for NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

    If they could only increase the upload speeds.
  4. Thats why they offer it at a discount for 3 months or so, once you get it how could you ever turn
  5. 2talltim

    2talltim Bubby wanna be

    i got the discount for a year..and mine is at 5mb already
  6. Fish4Fun

    Fish4Fun Relaxing.

    i couldn't do with out my roadrunner its great.
  7. Hey Just a FYI unless your a online gamer you wont notice the speed differance.It is faster but as a time warner tech it`s not worth the extra money.We have a couple techs that are big into the online games and they droped the higher speed because they didn`t notice a huge change from the standard Road Runner.I`m not tryin to change your mind just wanted you to know alittle bit about it before you got into something that wasn`t what you were expecting.

  8. freyedknot

    freyedknot useless poster

    what is the cost of regular time warner isp per month?
  9. i hope you have better luck than i did. it took 2 1/2 months and umpteen service calls before my roadrunner was working properly. it's all good now though.
  10. Road Runner without any discounts or specials is $44.95 ,atleast thats what it is in our area. if you bundle you services they discount it even more.I think if you have RR,standard Digitial and the phone service your looking at around $110-$120 a month depending on your area.Zfish can better answer the questions on price being he is a customer servive rep.

    discgolfer-If you would shot me a PM. with the details on your problem.thanks

  11. 2talltim

    2talltim Bubby wanna be

    mine is 29.99 for a the first year then it shoots to 44.95 after that
  12. LiquidTension

    LiquidTension mouse potato

    yeah they really need to increase upload speeds !

    i have the 5 mbps already and dont see any difference from the 3 (unless im downloading a hugh demo or something)

    us gamers need more upload.... :( :confused:
  13. i posted in the lounge about my problem back in october. at the time of the post-the ongoing prob was only a few weeks old. during the second visit i was told my problem was due to my neighbor having digital cable and rr. too much drawing from 1 line. well, i find out she has basic cable and dial-up. on the 4th or 5th service call, i had the guy run a cable from the pole-straight thru my front door-and into my modem. it was still dead! so we finally ruled out anything inside the house. but they insisted that i must be there for next service call. a few days later another would show up, check the same things and say "it must be something outside. we'll schedule a tech to check the lines." days go by and nothing. the cycle repeated and repeated and repeated and repeated and so on. dealt with several supervisors, techs, and cust service people. it got to be a joke. now, after 2 new modems, all conections and cables replaced inside 3x (they were fine), a new line strung to the house, a new box installed, another new box and line installed(i live in duplex-the person who installed the 1st new line should have figured out both houses were drawing off 1 box)(especially since her digital cable and rr was draining mine???), new conductors or whatever they are at the pole 2x (which i think was the prob), nearly 15 hours of cell time used w/time warner, and 2 full days of my life wasted, waiting at home...waiting for the cable rr works.

    after about a week of solid rr, my cell rings at work. it was a cable guy calling from my driveway saying i was supposed to be home for an appointment. i got his name, #, and told him my rr is finally ok, stay away from it, and if it didnt work when i got home i was going to find him and kick his a$$.
  14. Good Lord man i think you might just have the worst techs in Time Warner.Not knowing where you live but i do know we were haveing alot of problems in the Cinncinnati area.Alot of the problem was the Company president wouldn`t allow the purchase of test equipment to check return on the line,thus any trouble shooting was just a shot in the the fact that they had alot of green horns down that way didn`t help any.Now that they fired his sorry butt we are starting to get the equipment we need.glad they finally got you taken care of and hopefully you wont have any more problems.

    i had a guy tell me once that he was gonna kick my hindend one time if he still had a problem when he got home.he got home and still had the problem and we couldn`t get it fixed for acouple days because it was a fiber issue in columbus.he kinda changed his tune when he pulled in and i was sitting there waiting on him.just goes to show ya ,becarefull what you wish for you just might get

  15. MAN- I thought it was just ME!!! I have same stories recently as below times ten- 3 service calls to home in 2 weeks- sit down meeting with main dude at office- customer service is nonexistant!

    Heres my deal- high ping times - I run the test and there they are still- 1000+ms- but cable guy cant run aol ping test??? Not allowed??? They insist time warner lines are fine - my broadband connection still running at 60000bps- Im in a pinch and aol says its time warner and guess what- time warner says its aol - who owns my router tap!!!????

    Ok ok ok- so how about I switch then to RR and dump broadband and even go digital phone with TW "we cant do that since you are experiencing high ping times" "it wont work properly"!!! Huh?? I am LOST more than before!!!???

    What can a consumer do??? If you want a cable connection- I guess nothing- mine is going out the door once can figure someakinda thing out! Anyone know who my attorney can talk to???

    Please help~

  16. 2talltim

    2talltim Bubby wanna be

    Only problem i had was they said they would call before they came and they didnt....i am the last house on the line 4 miles out of town so i dont have the neighbor probem either...the tech acually said my line was supisingly HOT (strong)
  17. Doesn`t any of these guy have test equipment???!!! If i run a RR service call i know how much forward signal(+,- 10db)there is and just what the return needs to be. if that is to high or to low it can cause hight ping times.these guys shold have test modems and laptops in the vans.where do you guys live? this is nuts i have never seen customer service this bad.

  18. In order to keep the service as affordable as possible I think RR, Zoom or any innernet service hires whatever they can get to work at less than attractive wages. Locally I should have sent roadrunner a bill for all the free tech support they got off of me. I built my nephew a computer and he never had a problem with it until he signed up with roadrunner. His service worked fine for about 2 weeks then....., one tech told him his usb ports went bad. It got to the point where my nephew asked the roadrunner boss if they wanted to hire me as a troubleshooting instructor. The boss blew his cool at that but next day they had his service up and running. These horror stories usually start to quiet down as the new techs for roadrunner learn their jobs.
  19. i live in north canton. the techs that came out the final 8 trips or so actually seemed to be pretty bright. don't know if the problem was lazy lineman, costly repair to TW, poor intercompany communication or what. but when the 1 tech got off the phone w/TW and told me my signal was low due to neighbors digital/rr package-i knew they were full of crap. had another 1 try to tell me my IP addy was hijacked and bandwidth was being stolen(my machine is clean and secure)...which led to my poor connectivity. man, i lit up some voicemails on that no avail.

    bubbahunter, i dont know what position you hold at time warner but...i was finally forwarded to 1 man-ed mesner, head of something, and he did see to my problem being fixed promptly. (i still carry his card in my wallet...just in case). if you are in any position to give him the thumbs up-do it.

    good thing there are'nt any monopolies in the cable business

    I waited today for the call I was promised after the techs showed to my house 45 minutes from the time I was promised on Monday 2/8.

    I called from work while they were in my house and KINDLY begged for them to call me before leaving- no avail- they told my nanny everything was fine and theyd have the man from the Kent TW I met with call me - they had 3 numbers to reach me- no calls! No surprise!!!!

    My system is large- fast and clean as well. I had same issue in fall of 03'- they finally came and did the pole work (same problems to get there as this) and told me then to just report any issues if happens again. Bad idea- I think my name shows in red now when I call to signal everyone to blow me off!!!

    Disc- your same kinda reports are EXACTLY what I have been gettn' for three weeks.

    Pickle in the middle- Nip