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  1. anyone have roadrunner? i just got it. is there a firefox plug-in to use roadrunner software with firefox? roadrunner will only work in IE. and my DSL address is only good for 1 month after i disconnected my DSL. i want to make a address.

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    I am using both roadrunner and firefox right now. I don't recall doing anything other than just downloading firefox from the roadrunner home page.

  3. Firefox is simply a browser like Internet Explorer. There should be nothing that limits it from running with Roadrunner or any other provider. The provider is basically the road you travel on the web. Some roads travel faster than others but they should all allow Firefox, Netscape, and other browsers in a ddition to IE. If you are having a problem it may be in you connection setting within Firefox. It may be looking for a different connection, perhaps your old DSL connection is still configured and it may be looking for it. Go to Start / Connections / Show All Connections and see if any old connections still show up. If so I would delete them. I hope this helps.
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    Just curious why you went to cable?
  5. I overlooked that part of your question. I am not sure what you mean. You want to use a RR e-mail address? If you are referring to e-mail then you need to make the changes in your Tools / Accounts within Outlook or Outlook Express to change the mail server, e-mail address, user, and password.
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    There are no limits with using Fire Fox and Road Runner. I use it Firefox a bit more than IE7 because I get less errors.
  7. i went back to cable and got that bundle deal home phone,internet,hd cable 80.00/month for 2 years. i had direct tv and DSL, by switching back to time warner i save 85.00/month.the roadrunner help website help me out. thanks for your inputs.
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    If you don't get it the way you're wanting send me a PM and I'll get you hooked up with someone who can help you out.