riverwolves this late?

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  1. castmaster00

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    are there still any riverwolves in any of the rivers that will still hit? it got cold really fast. would that turn the pikeies off for the rest of the year?
  2. the pike don't mind the cold water
    throwing silver/black countdown rapalas and husky jerks is a good technique. or if you can catch some creek chubs, float them down deeper parts with bobbers. i take it you are talking about the hoga?

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    actually turns em on..pike will hit all year. try orange spinnerbait
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    i actually have better luck in the warmer months but that's not the norm.
    Pike are more active in cooler water. Hence so many people ice fish for them up north.
    try the black and silver jerk baits...
    I would avoid live bait if you could for numerous reasons...
    I was out in the rain on sat. but no luck for pike in the hoga did fish a local like catching a dozen perch and a big catfish...
  5. >>>A few years back when I duck hunted the upper Cuyhoga... I used to find a hole and anchor up Fish for them with creek chubs and bobber...With my decoys out at the same time...Some days I caught as many fish as Ducks killed...and the ducks love the rivers...
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    i dont care what place it is. as long as it has a fish that i havent caught yet ,ill try it.
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    Like all cold-blooded animals, their metabolism slows down the colder they get, so they actually feed less often in winter. The reason pike fishing picks up in colder temps, is that's when the pike become concentrated in shallower water where they can be more easily targeted.

    They can be caught year round, but in the area by you, (Kent to the Gorge section of the 'hoga), the pike have no large body of deep water to retreat into and scatter, so summer should provide as fast or better action than winter. As a rule of thumb, the colder the water, the slower your presentation should be.
  8. First of all, hi! I just moved to Ohio about a month ago, but I've been reading these forums, trying to learn all I can about fishing here.

    On Monday, I was fishing the creek coming out of Clendening Dam and I caught a 28" pike on an orange-bodied spinner with a silver blade. I was thrilled since it was my first fish in Ohio!

    Good luck! I love pike fishing, but I can't wait to try for walleye and musky!
  9. ...climbingsponge....Welcome you have become a member of one of the best info. links that can be had...You now have a link to The Best of the Best for all the fishing Info you will ever need...Again Welcome and Good Fishing ...CRAPPIE LOVER....:B
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  10. From now until mid March is my best time for pike. Fish suspending jerkbaits like rogues or size 14 husky jerks. Let them pause for up to 8 seconds when the water is really cold in mid winter. Sometimes you have to add suspendots so they don't float up on the pause. I usually do a jerk-pause, jerk jerk-pause and most hits are on the pause. Good luck.
    Thanks for the welcome! I've been reading the forums here for a few weeks and it seems like you guys get out a lot and know how to catch fish. I don't know anything, but I sure do get lucky a lot. I've learned tons about how to fish here in Ohio already. My wife and I went back down to Clendening Dam today. I hooked a pike on a 2" orange minnow on a jig head, but he rolled at the surface and got away. My wife caught a small (12") saugeye, but we thought it was cool cause we've never seen one before. It was good day.

    Thanks again!
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  12. castmaster00

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    where is this dam you keep talking about? it sounds like a great place to fish.
  13. The dam at Clendening Lake, south of Dennison, off of Route 800. I believe it's Harrison County. This state has too many counties!

    I think I am going to go back tomorrow.
  14. mrphish42

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    climbingsponge.......first WELCOME here .......where the information is free/interesting/knowledgeable/and sometimes, just plain fun to read. Question??????? you mentioned "ORANGE" 2" minnow .....were you fishing with small goldfish or were you just using what we here call "ROSEY REDS" which are just of the minnow family.....Thanks guy and good fishin to you and the wife.........Jon SR.
  15. Hey Jon,

    I threw away the packaging so I don't know what they were called, but they were plastic (rubber maybe) 2" minnows that you put on a jig head. They weren't live. My wife and I stopped at Woodland Outdoors (?) and a gentleman there recommended them to us. I'm going back to that little creek tomorrow and pitching them again.
  16. mrphish42

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    Thanks for the reply.....that answered my question.....Have a great Holiday...and enjoy your fishin.........Jon Sr.