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Riverwalker and I hit knox today

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Fish4Fun, Aug 31, 2004.

  1. Fish4Fun

    Fish4Fun Relaxing.

    We left out of the dam ramp around 5:30am and fished until noon. Took a small one on a poper early on and lost something(bluegill) later on spinnerbait. River took 3 small ones i think and lost 3. Not a steller day but we had fun bait fish are everywere still. The water temp was around 70 first thing in the morning and 75 when we left. Water is slightly stained but not bad bad. Heres a pic of the infamous river walker with his mighty big fish.

  2. I reckon I shouldn't have held that bass out in front of my ever growing gut,if I would have chose a different background(something smaller) it could have passed for a legit 10".
  3. If you guys had fun that is all that matters,I don't think anyone gets big ones all the time :)
  4. Fish4Fun,

    I am thinking about taking my boat up to Knox for the first time sometime over this long weekend coming up. I have only ever been on the lake very few times. Which would you suggest starting from? I am thinking from the one toward the dam. My guess would be to find brush along the edges and work them with tubes and worms. Is that a good approach for this time of the year? Do you have any favorite colors that you use?

  5. RiverWalker and Fish4Fun,

    Glad to see you guys made it out after our trip to CF. JBJ still won't talk to me after not putting him on fish. Nah, just kidding. RW, how was the trip to Erie? And good luck in MI, I know you're heading up there for the steelies soon.

  6. JBJ


    I think that is the same bass I caught up at CF! He sure gets around.

    Did you snag any more dead muskies RW?

    Glad to see you guys got out for a little more fun. I had the last two days off but my card was full of honey do's and dragging the kids around. I don't have my schedule for next week yet but I need to get back up to CF to try some more lures and tactics. That tourney is coming up real fast.
  7. Warpath
    I had a ball this morning,the lake looked pretty good to me today(very fishy looking),it was a bit cool before the sun came up,but warmed up pretty quick.At dawn,there wasn't even a hint of a breeze,just a bit of fog here and there.We tried several things without much success,other than the couple small bass I managed to hook,I really only had one solid hit but lost it when it started to come to the surface(could've even been one of those F4F popper carp)I never saw it but it felt pretty decent.All in all it was a fun day,had a lot of laughs.
    I didn't get to go up to Erie that day,the wind had shifted and brought in some waves that weren't to my liking.I am going up to Ruggles tomorrow morning(2'or less forecasted).I'll post my results tomorrow evening.Yeah,I can't wait for the Michigan trip,I'll be leaving Sept.18.The salmon and steelies shouldn't be too hard to locate,I'm just hoping that the walleye's will cooperate also.Keep in touch,and we'll have to hook-up again real soon.
  8. River Walker,

    I'll get back to you ASAP. Good luck at Erie, by far the world's greatest freshwater fishery. In my opinion, at least, which isn't worth a cent if you're riding in the back of my boat. JBJ, keep me posted on your days off. We'll head back up there and see what's cooking. I re-stocked my tackle box with things I forgot the last time.


    My Father just got home from MI this past weekend. He said that the St. Joseph's River looked mighty tempting. It must be, since my dad's not the fishing kind of guy. He and my brother are more into guns and hunting.

  9. Warpath
    I just now got home from the big pond.I did good on the eyes',and landed 2 smallies,and lost 2 on the jump.I kept 4 decent walleye's the smallest 18",and the largest 22".The 2 bass I landed both were in the 3lb.range,and the 2 that got off were probably about the same size.I caught about 20 8"-10" dink walleye's,and 1 nice white bass,and most importantly-no sheepsheads! I caught all the walleye's trolling,some were taken on #20 Jets/w Stinger Spoons at 100' back,and I took a few on Reef Runners.All the eyes' were caught at 32'-37' deep.The bass were all caught on tubes in 18' of water.I'll post some pics in a couple days,I don't have a digital camera,so I have to get em' done on a floppy,then put em' on here(hassle).
    Next week,I'm off on Monday,Tuesday and Thursday.If we can swing it,I'd love to hit CF again with you guys.I'll try to contact F4F and see if he can make the trip again.I know he can't on Monday,he said he was heading down Cincy way.Believe it or not,pretty much as soon as I get done with this post,and cleaning today's catch,I'm heading back out with the boat to CF! I had promised to take out my grandson this afternoon fishing,I wanted to go to Pleasant Hill,but I'm too burned out to drive that far.I don't think I'll get away with much bass fishing tonight though.More than likely it will be drowning some worms or minnows under a bobber.Keep in touch guys.
  10. Well, next Monday would be great for me, since I am off. I just have one small thing to finish for the wedding, which is pick my ring out. I'll try and push that the future Mrs. and I do that this week. JBJ, what's the verdict about next Monday? If nothing else, RW, I'll come up and we can go out in your boat or mine since F4F is obviously heading to Cincy and BPS without his people!!!!!!!!!! I'm also going to have to go to Erie with you sometime before the end of the season. I have A) never caught a walleye, B) never caught a perch (*save for the one poor lil' guy I caught at CF and scrambled his brains on a treble hook, accidently, and C) I love Erie smallmouth. Okay?

  11. JBJ


    I'm working on getting Monday off right now. The only day I know I'll have off for sure is Tuesday. I will even have to go into work after the tourney Saturday. I'll get back to you tomorrow about Monday.
  12. Fish4Fun

    Fish4Fun Relaxing.

    I am going to hit knox tomorrow morning thursday. will be at the dam ramp at 6am, i would be interested in hitting CF agian let me know when and i will see if i can make it.
  13. Fish4Fun

    Fish4Fun Relaxing.

    I will be at kings Island on saturday and have to work monday during the day for 12hrs and i will earn 18 hrs of vacation for it. my people can come to BPS any time they want let me know. Bring some extra money for me!
  14. Alright F4F,I'll bite what is BPS? Warpath and JBJ,Monday is cool with me,let me know for sure and I'll be there.F4F,I'll meet you at CF,or Knox or anywhere else you want to fish,just let me know when you want to go.I wish you could make it Monday,but hell-I wouldn't turn down all that OT either.
    Eric,after this coming week,I'll be off every Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday.We can hit Erie any of those days,if you can only do weekends,if I know a couple of weeks in advance I could probably take a vacation day.Is Hydrasport fishing in that CF tourney you guys are in? He will be hard to beat on CF if he is.We'll have to try hard and locate a couple sweet spots for you to revisit come tourney time.
  15. Just figured out the BPS thing-duh! I could use a couple packs of tubes,the zebra's ate a bunch of mine this morning!
  16. Sounds like you guys had a good time for the most part. Its always a good time just fishing our hunting. Well its Sept and as for me hunting just came in and I'm lovin it. Take care guys............Rich
  17. RW,

    I know JBJ is checking his calender to see when he's off next week. I am about 85 % sure I am coming up, 100% if my soon-2-be and I get this ring thing out of the way. And Mondays are great for me. I'm off all day until midnight that night into Tuesday, and the Ms. works 8-5 pm. She doesn't mind me fishing on Mondays at all. We can head to erie on a Monday real soon. Of course, I'll help with gas and whatever else.

    No, Hydra is not fishing with us. Thankfully. I don't need any more competition. I need to do well at CF to be on the regional team, and the two guys who can knock me out are great fishermen. I just need to cathc fish. Simple as that. Will let you know what's going on as soon as JBJ chimes in.

  18. I'm good to go on Monday morning,or Tuesday morning(actually I'll fish both days).Let me know if you're coming up,and I'll meet you at the ramp.As far as Erie goes,whenever you want to go,we'll head up,we'll talk about it Monday.Yeah,Phil would be tough to beat on CF,but he's probably thinking the same about you!
  19. JBJ


    Just got home from work. I have Tuesday and Wednesday off. Couldn't get anyone to switch with me for Monday.

    I sure hope we get a lot of traffic on Monday to make up for me having to work!