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    Will be going on my honeymoon on Nov. 5th. I am planning to go for a half day trip on a shared boat. (the fiance gave me approval since I ran in the Detroit marathon with her) Does anyone know of a reputable captain in the area. We are staying at the Aventura Spa Palace...

    I know billfish season will be over, but I'd like to tangle with some salt water:B :B :B
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    Sorry Cheeze don't know anything about the fishing, but I can say the Aventura is absolutely amazing. I was there last year and it was so beautiful and relaxing. The food isn't the greatest, and there isn't much of a beach, but the pool, the unlimited rum runners and miami vice's make up for it. Get up early and get your spot at the main pool marked, because you don't want to miss any of the action down there.

    We did the ruins tour (Tulum), headed into Playa del Carmen and it was cool,but we couldn't wait to get back to the resort.

    Great times!! Enjoy your stay!!!

  3. We went to Cancun a few years ago for our honeymoon. We booked though apple vacations and they had a guy that was in the hotel the first day to tell us all about the different opportunities for excursions in the area. I convinced my wife that we should go on the fishing trip. We compromised that if I swam with dolphins she would go fishing. We booked though the apple vacations "conseiere" or however that is spelled. It went okay, she was a little sea sick and I had a few to many cervezas, but it's vacation who's counting. She still managed the biggest fish on the boat which was a pretty nice sized Wahoo. It was a lot of fun, but don't expect much more than a lot of trolling. I would totally do it again.
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    you are going to love Riviera Maya.... don;t be afraid to eat and drink downtown, the food is awesome there too. And it's cheap.

    not sure of this will help, I always check out a site called debsdominicanpage for vacation reports - do a search - she may have changed the name. I know I got dominican fishing reports for our honeymoon. We took two deep sea fishing trips - had to get a few guys back to the mainland because they weren't used to the chop... take a dramamine just in case. It's too expensive of a trip to chum the whole way through.
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    I stayed at Iberostar Tucan in Playa De Carmen Mexico last October. We went on a fishing trip that we booked through Apple Vacations, they know all the right place to schedule all sorts of tours and excursions with. I can't wait to go back that part of Mexico is awesome, at our resort we saw all sorts of wildlife our place was situated right in a jungle it was sick.

    We went fishing with http://captricksfishing.com they are in Puerto Aventuras, we only did a half day trip it was fun, aside from the Barracude we caught trolling we chumed and used spinning rods to catch all sort of crazy looking fish. the cab ride from our resort was like 30 minutes. ohh by the way everyone drives like maniacs down there, I was worried. LOL.

    Right in Puerto Aventuras you can eat, shop, and swim with the dolphins, this area is awesome, we ate at a little spot right across the street from where Captain Rick's place was the food was outstanding.

    You will love it down there, oh and the sun down there is 10x hotter than our sun, don't fall asleep in the sun or get to burnt it'll ruin your vacation, don't drink the water, the resort will give you all the water you want.

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