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River Walleye Lure Question

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Parrothead, Mar 10, 2005.

  1. I have what may sound like a silly question but I am just sort of curious about something. Have any of you guys ever tried fishing the rivers (maumee or sandusky) using Rogues or Husky Jerks or other crankbaits during the legal times that you could use them or if you use them taking the trebles off and replacing it with a single hook?
    If anyone has tried this how well do you do with them?
    I am just curious because we use them frequently down in central ohio for saugeyes and do well on them.
  2. I did try 10-12 years ago but the fish that were being caught around me were caught on jigs while I caught nothing made me change back over...
    I kind of wish I would have stuck it out but man it is tuff too when everyone else was catching fish but me...
    Anyone else try?

  3. crappielooker

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    if you fish the maumee with a jerkbait using a single hook, you would be the first i see doing this.. i can't see it happenning when the run is in full swing and you are amongst hundreds others.. im not saying that it wont work, just that no one tried it before..
    just remember to check the regulations.. i know you aren't allow to use multiple hooks per rod.. and the size of the hook also have to be certain size.. :eek:
  4. Thanks Guys. I was really just curious if any had tried it. I didn't figure it was going to be the top producer. I guess I got my answer. I guess if I were to try it maybe go up early in season or midweek when you have more room to work with or even from a boat I guess you could use it if a fella felt inclinded to do so.
    I would rather throw jigs anyway they are not as expensive to sacrifice to the fishing gods if ya know what I mean. Also when the guy downstream keeps throwing across my line and tangling us up then he wont have to feel so bad about cutting my lure off and tossing it in the drink. Those dirty rotten scoundrels.
  5. I think I would be more concerned about losing 20 a day.
  6. i have tried it and caught a few fish, it gets really expensive as you guys have said. I tried it when i found lures for a 1.00 at walLY world.

  7. It may work when there is noone down there but with the crank bait running slower then the speed reeling jig guy you may do nothing but hanging up on guys all day. If you were out on a boat or by yourself I would try it with all the shad in there during the run.
  8. I had to go back and look at the fishing regs myself to make sure this had not changed. During the walleye run it is illegal. Here is a cut and paste from the fishing regs. I think Parrothead alluded to "legal times" but it was not real clear throughout the thread and I just wanted to make sure to clarify that for anyone less familiar with fishing the run.

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  9. If you tried them when trebles are legal on the river you'd have a hard time using a crankbait for eyes. You wouldn't be able to keep the white bass off your line. but then again you're there to catch fish so it would be fun. pain in the but to unhook though.
  10. I replaced mine with a single #2 off the back