river trouble

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  1. been fishing the rivers with spawn sacs and have run into gobbies or chub sort of fish using the spawn. is there anyway to not having them hit this bait and reuining the sacs or is it just something i have to deal with
  2. To catch the big ones and no small ones, you need to wait for the holiday break to end so they will be in school. :D

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    i love catching chubs! better than getting skunked
  4. One thing thats telling you is your in the zone of water where fish are holding. Second I don't catch many steel out of a hole I'm pulling chubs out of. Maybe its just me but if I were a chub I wouldn't hang around steel to much in fear of being eaten. One thing you could try is to adjust your drift, drift a little higher 3-6 inches and see if that gets you out of the chubs. Best bet is to maybe move on and try to locate some other fish.