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river smallmouth tournament

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by tcba1987, Jul 27, 2004.

  1. tcba1987

    tcba1987 Tuscarawas River Angler

    :D the t.c.b.a. will be hosting its first ever tuscarawas river open smallmouth tournament on the tuscarawas river near new philadelphia, on august 21st from 8 am to 1 pm. the tournament will be for wade fsihing and bankfishing only. there will be a $10 entry fee plus a $2 fee to get in the big fish pot (mandatory). live or artificial bait is permitted. 5 fish limit, with a 10 inch mininum size limit. we will pay 60 % to first place and 40% to 2nd place , big fish takes the whole big fish pot. we will also have a $3 odd fish pot for pike or waleye & saugeye. (mandatory)
    the tcba will make no profit off of the tournament but any donations will be appreciated to help with operating cost of the tcba. we will meet and weigh in at the carlisle's canoe center off of st rt 416 just south of new philadelphia.

    post here if you are interested or email me at
    no preregistration is required we just want to get an idea how many anglers will be coming. :)
  2. rockbass

    rockbass Banned

    I would like to fish this one, but it is on the same day as the Cripple Creek tourney. I will have to sleep in on Saturday to stay up all night for the cat tourney. My loss! I just want to get one thing clear. The big fish and odd fish is mandatory, so it is 15 bucks to enter? not just 10 if you don't want to fish for saugeye/pike??

  3. Umm....... How will they be able to keep these fish alive? 10" mininum? Sure hope those fish don't die... Sorry. I'm big on catch and release. It will be real hard to keep these fish alive..... Smallmouth bass are harder to keep alive then largemouth. Thats what i have seen, even with guys having a good livewell in their boats.

    GarryS ( S/T Bass Tournament Director )
  4. Procraftboats21

    Procraftboats21 Original OGF Member

    sure would hate to see all those smallmouth die... :(
  5. tcba1987

    tcba1987 Tuscarawas River Angler

    we at the tcba do everything in our power to keep all fish alive and release them back to the river. most members have a decent "livewell" set up in our cars or trucks. if a fish is dead or even questionable , every attempt is made to revive it and release it. IF a fish is too bad off it is taken home and eaten by someone . NEVER wasted (i can here all you guys gasping now but in my opinion it does NO harm to eat a fish or 2 every time out)

    i recently attended a tournament on a tuesday night here in tusc county where all the guys with the fancy boats with REAL livewells was held. i saw men throwing fish back into the water from over 10 ft away and not even checking them to see if they revived. i saw fish being dropped on the cement parking area and bouncing around till they were picked up and weighed then tossed back into the lake. when the weigh in was over i fished near the ramp, i found at least 10 FLOATERS that were thrown back into the water to rot. now tell me how is this any more acceptable then a bunch of lowly bankfishermen doing the same thing?? it isnt !! we do things the way they should be done and i am confident that we are not hurting the smallmouth population by holding our small tournaments with 10-20 guys anymore then a 100 boat tournament with 200 anglers in it. walk a mile in my shoes before judging the LOWLY bankfishermen who is hurting the BIGTIME bass tournaments fish populations. :eek:
  6. Are you allowing largemouth? The numbers of largemouth have really went up in the Tusc. over the last few years. I've fished a number of these bank tournaments and have turned in 5 fish limits and have never had a fish die. You just have to take care of them. Thats part of the responsibility of a true catch and release fisherman. You just can't be lazy about it.
  7. i witnessed a weigh in last year at a big tourny and was appalled at how the fish were treated...i saw dead fish floating and also saw the anglers throwing the fish in water from a distance..i was shocked,kinda turned me off to tournament fishing...itwould have been more appropriate to keep and eat the fish instead of mistreating them
  8. rockbass

    rockbass Banned

    Regarding, the release of smallmouth and how fragile they are: I don't know if the smallie from the lakes are more fragile than from rivers, but I have never had problems with smallies. hold your breath for this one: A couiple of weeks ago, I caught a 18 inch smallie. I did not have a stringer or bucket or camera with me, so I decided to drive the 3 min back home get a pic and took him back in a bucket. ( I just held him in the truck on the way to the house. When I got back to the water, I held him in the water, he/she started thrashing about. I let go and she took off like a rocket! Now, I know that was not the best thing for me to do, but I knew it would be ok. I have also put many other fish on stringer for hours, put them in a bucket and take them from point A to B got a pic and put them back at A. No deaths! I know this is not the best way, but I did not harm them. Now, I have seen many lake tournaments with bass that are kept in livewells for 7 or 8 hours. Is that healthy?? nope! many of them die right or wrong?? Many may not die right away, but shortly after being released into the water. one tourney I helped at several years ago, I had to take the fish after they were weighed and make sure they all swam off. Not all of them did. Needless to say, the guys who caught those fish cared less. I am neither against or all for tourney's but if they are run well and have actual "fisherman" all should go good.
  9. i had a smallmouth on a stringer for almost 4 hours and it was fine.
  10. Can i bring my canoe? I cant wade anymore do to back problems. Legs are very weak, barley hold me up. If so me and the old lady would come up.

    As far as releasing the fish. My girl caught a nice one out of darby. 17" 11.5" girth. Because she was fighting it on an ultra light it was a battle. Took us at least 5 min before we could get it to move, then a few more before it took off. Just got to be carefull with those fishes
  11. rockbass

    rockbass Banned

    Hey CAPT.

    I am also working on having a smallie tourney. Still trying to figure out the date and what not. I will post it. Prob in the tourney section and southeast section. It would be fine with me if you had a canoe! Keep your eye's open!
  12. tcba1987

    tcba1987 Tuscarawas River Angler

    i think i will open it up to canoes for this tournament
  13. I have to comment on this because there is such a major misconception here. Just because a fish swims away fast DOES NOT mean that fish will survive. Most mortality takes place days after capture and is due to infection and stress-related immunity issues. Fish caught and immediately released suffer about a 10% mortality rate. The longer the fish is held, the higher the mortality rate.

    You may not think you are harming the population, but you are. Especially with river fish which are especially delicate due to the high oxygen requirments. Also, these are wild fish that take some ten years or more to grow to 18". It is HIGHLY likely that a fish put on a stringer (touch the gills and it is almost a sure thing the fish will die of infection) will not recover.
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  15. I know that in this day and age we believe that new is the only way. I fish out of a 20' skeeter and have fish die in the live well, but I also fish in streams and rivers from canoes or just wade fishing and have had fish die on the stringer. We all need to use common sense when we intend to let fish go. I now can keep smallmouth or any type of bass on a stringer from dawn to dusk. Simple trick, do not ever put any thing through the gills. Keep the point on your stringer sharp. Go through the thin membrain on the bottom of the mouth and out. Yes, I know that now there is a whole in the mouth but it will heel. I always use at least 6' of stringer, this will allow the fish to always be in the water even if you stand on a log or rock to make a cast. If you are still woried you can buy powder that is fish slim that will help in the healing process. Have a good tournament and let us unlucky ones know how the fishing was. Walter