River smallies (reports?)

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  1. Any reports on local river smallies? (Vermilion River, Black River, Rocky River, etc.) What type of lures are recommended for Fall? (I have in-line spinners, small spinner baits, Rebel Craws, Tiny Torpedoes, Small Buzz Baits and jigs with craw) Never fished for river smallies - trying to put together an arsenal of lures to use. Probably will start with topwater....... Any help would be appreciated........
  2. Those should all work well. Do not forget a small 1/16 oz jig in green or black with a curly tail.


  3. I use minnow imitators in all of the erie tribs during the fall. Gives me a decent chance of getting a steelhead while fishing for smallies. Spinners, crankbaits, jigs/twist tails. Another good option is to fish rocky shorelines in erie when the water temp nears 50 degrees. Have caught quite a few large smallies when fishing the shorelines for steelhead in October.
  4. Thanks for the info.... Probably will fish Vermilion River tomorrow - not sure where yet - maybe up around Rt. 60. I will post report/results on Sunday. When do the steehead come up the rivers? Have they started yet????
  5. I too have had good success with in-line spinners. I particularly like the vibrax line of spinners. Try to keep them close to the bottom, good luck not gettin snagged.
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    We nailled quite a few fishing with minnows the past few weeks at the rocky.
    Quite a few over 13".
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    Bites just about over till next spring :(

  8. acklac - say it ain't so! Being new to river smallie fishing, I was hoping they'd be hitting in the 'Hoga for awhile yet. I'm still gettting some, but they do seem to be smaller.
  9. You should be able to catch smallies consistently into November
  10. I caught 3 today in the Cuyahoga and 2 monday evening. All in the 8 - 12 inch range. This past summer was my first for river bass fishing. I must say it's plenty fun even though the fish are pretty small. Most of the time I've used a fly rod but lately have been getting into plastic stuff.
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    Whaaaaa? I thought Smallies all but shut down come Oct??? :D :D :D :p
  12. I hadn't gone for the Smallies for a long time, but this summer from July on, caught way beyond my share on the Chagrin River. In 95% of the cases, never saw another fisher'person'. Had a couple of days where I got over 30 total. Ranged from very small to a good number over 14 inches with a top one at 21" after a good rain. Seemed the higher the water, the bigger the fish in any white water. Casted in to the current. Yes, snags happened and did lose my share of rooster tails. Wore wading shoes and old socks. Wading stick helped keep balance with some of those slippery rocks.