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River Rocket.

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Zfish, Aug 13, 2004.

  1. Zfish

    Zfish More Horsepower Raider!!

    Alright guys I just picked up a 12 ft Hydrostream Hustler V-Haul which actually is a pretty rare boat. Looks cool in the drive way sitting next to Raiders Huslter Tunnel haul which also is a rare boat. Im sure this is a pic you wont see every day :D

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  2. Where are the rod holders and live well? :confused: :D :D

  3. Procraftboats21

    Procraftboats21 Original OGF Member

    what kind of HP can that thing hold?
  4. Zfish

    Zfish More Horsepower Raider!!

    Im looking to put a late 70s or early 80s Merc 70hp on it since they only weigh 200lbs It had a Yamaha Pro-50 on it before it became in my possession. I've seen as big as a mid 80s 75hp on it which wiegh between 300 and 350lbs. Planning on putting a jack plate and motor on this year. Later this year or beginning of next I will be getting a fishing boat.. Either a 16 or 18ft John with a 9.0 for Hoover :D I may like to go fast on occasion but I Hoover is my fav lake in the state. Erie could be but I dont get to fish there. *Hint* lmao...
  5. toad

    toad geriatrics supporter

    I thought you was going to put a 9.9 on it so you could do hoover. :eek:
    Mike I'm sure as soon as someone needs a chummer you'll be the first person called. LOL :D
  6. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    i see you got a new tow vehicle for it too.looks like it' hitched to a john deere.good choice :D

    looks like you'll be going fast,alot more than you'll be fishing hoover
    erie could still be your favorite if they hold drag races there,lol.
  7. How many more jabs and punches Z can take???????? :confused: :D :D :D
  8. LakeRaider

    LakeRaider EEEEEK!

    Hey , thats my new tractor! Darn that guy! :rolleyes: Raider
  9. Zfish

    Zfish More Horsepower Raider!!

    Short drift it come with the territory. I cant help everyone wants to be like Mike :D Besides I do make an excellent chummer for big perch ;):D