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Ohio has some rivers in rough shape, but people in LA have taken on a big challenge to bring the Los Angeles River back to life.

In what local conservationists say is a first in seven decades, the federal government has deemed part of the river safe enough for public recreation and is allowing residents to paddle along one of its most scenic portions, through a recreation area lush with trees, birds and even aquatic life.
Even aquatic life? I have a tough time convincing people that the Scioto River is more than a sewer, but they at least recognize that it has life in it.


It's strange to think that they had to get permission to paddle just 1.5 miles of a 51-mile river, apparently the rest is off-limits. Columbus city code has rules for boating, but as far as I know no part of the rivers are off-limits other than within 100 feet of dams. (No wading, though.)

One of my favorite movies is Gumball Rally which has a racing scene in the river. ("I never raced in a river before.") I look at all that concrete and wonder what flood events they designed for, and what it all cost. It's the old-school design that's just meant to get rid of water as fast as possible, resulting in a place that's alternately desolate and deadly.

The new alternative is "green design" where the idea is to slow the water down and hold on to it, let it soak in. One catchphrase is "Turn gray funnels into green sponges." That's how you restore a river to its natural flow.

OK enough of that, now for the movie...

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