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  1. I hope to chase some smallies this weekend on the LMR. How does the river look after the heavy rains?

    While current river level information is easy to obtain. I have never really committed the optimum levels to memory. Also, I tend to fish different sections, and I’m not always familiar with each section. It would be very beneficial to have a “fishable” range for the various gauges. For example, the Little Miami River at Milford is fishable between X and Y feet. I realize that the LMR is ALWAYS fishable, but it would be nice to have a list for optimal levels for the different locations.

    There are a lot of river fishermen on this site, and I think that we could compile a very good list for the rivers in SW Ohio. I'm sure that among the members of this site, there is a local expert for each section of all the rivers in SW Ohio.
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    Hey Rooster, IMO I think a good level is between 250-350 (at Miford). At 290 right now. The river has been very muddy down here for the last week and half. That is key factor. Water clarity is variable. Low water will concentrate fish in key area's. I like fishing at these levels. Floating can be a little tough in spots but over all these are the best imo. One factor also is that many species will hold up in these key spots, which means compition for forage. This can work both as advantage and diadvantage depending on available forage in these area's. If the forage concentrates and is readily available, disadvantage, conversly if forage populations are low than it can be an advantage as fish would be more likely to take a lure or fly. Just my thoughts. S

  3. Do you think that we can assume general water clarity, by looking at the current river level?

    Also, if you were compiling a list, which would be more beneficial: height or CFS?
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    I don't river and clarity corrispond these days. The river has been staying mudding for to long after the rains. Sedmentation is now our number one pollution problem. The sediment in low conditions does not clear away enough to be removed. No big blow out's to clear it. Development is the cause for the most part (for all the sediment).
    I prefer cfs because it show the volume of the water. This relates to many factors such as safe wading. The volume coming through the narrow and riffels can create quite a push as you likely know from your experience as a kayaker. Also hieght would relative to water volume so maybe either would ok but cfs in preference. S
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    I don't do the LMR much these days as the GMR is closer and has more big fish in it. The stillwater is another on the top of my list. The LMR is clearer up toward Xenia right now. The water up that way is colder too. Not a lot of bigger fish up that way though.Also,those darn recreational kayakers ruin the water during the day. GMR does'nt have any of that affliction that I've seen although some areas have canoes aplenty(troy area).
    As far as flows,the GMR @ Troy is good from 250cfs on down as long as it's been holding steady or dropping(key observation for all flow data) for at least 5 days after a significant rain,otherwise you're fishing in split-pea soup for color and density of suspended matter,ie,visibility.N of Sidney and flows of 150 or less are good given "the 5 day rule".
    Down toward Dayton @ Taylorsville I'm looking for 500 cfs or less for safe wading and 350 and under is ideal.I've waded it @ 800 in early spring and it's pushin'! Kinda scary at times but those really big smallies bite well in April.
    Into Dayton below the confluence of the mad and stilly I would be looking for 1200 or less and 800 and under are best.Once again,it would be at least 5 days after a significant rain or holding steady/dropping like it has been recently w/ no rain.
    If you're looking to wade below W Carrollton dam look for 800 cfs or less for it to be "safe" and that is relative. The water is super murky down there and 1' of vis is outstanding and it's usually less w/ the sewage that goes in not a mile upstream. Very stinky water and I would not wade w/ an open wound in that water or in Dayton either.
    Stillwater,ah yes,brings a smile just thinkin' about it:) ,mmm-mm.It's flowing pretty clear this year as there was little rain in May and June to flush all the fertilizers in from off the farm fields.
    Two gages, one @ pleasant hill,looking for 250 or less w/ a 3-5 day lead after a good rain...any less'n 90 cfs and a boat is a drag(literally).125 is ideal. The other gage is Englewood and we're lookin' for 350 or less given "the rule' and 250 and less is better wading,can be floated better most of the time vs above the dam in E'wood and it's definitely deeper.
    OK,there's my $.02 worth of river experience as related to the the graphs and weather,TC1
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    the smaller rivers are up a little according to the gauges,maybe a few inces at most. you should be ok to hit the LMR
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    Water levels look good but its still pretty muddy down here in Milford. S
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    HEY ROOSTER ...PM Newbreed on this site....he is my partner and he lives near the river and fishes it often.

    hope you had a good b-day last week+
  9. GMR looked good this morning. Recent rains didn't bring up the levels much and clarity seemed stellar in Miami County.