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Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by hollandbass, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. We went today at sunrise to toss a few lures into the maumee. Well, between Jerome Rd, weirs and grand rapids i saw a total of 1 fisherman. We fished from 8am to 12pm and didnt get a single bite and havent even seen a single fish jump. River is way too low, and the cold front didnt help but man it seems this year smallie fishing is slow overall. Ive had 2 good days (10+ fish) this season and a LOT of ones with no fish at all. I am hammering LM in the ponds and lakes but so called great maumee smallie action has been a dud overall. :S
  2. I haven't been out for SM since it got cold but I went probably 5 or 6 times the last couple weeks. Only a couple good SM but the WB have been hitting like crazy in the last hour before dusk. Not what I've been going for but I'll take what's biting. It's been enough to keep the fishing fun.

  3. I had a slow day thursday, but went out from 10am-4:45 pm and caught 6 SM (2 of them were 15"), 1 WB and a sheephead.

    I haven't been catching a ton of SM, and only had one excellent day, but I have not been skunked in quite some time. Read my thread about the SM bite for the lures I have been using. They seem to work at least ok.
  4. Don't be so quick to say that. I went out last night(Sunday) from 5-dusk and had probably the best 2 hours of fishing on the river to date. 34 total fish about half SM & half WB Most were in the 15 inch range as well. I would say they are bititing right now better than ever.
  5. bling, where did you go and what were you using?
  6. Grand Rapids area ( not the dam). Used 1/8 oz jig in various colors. lighter seemed to work better.