River fishing??

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  1. I live in goshen/loveland area and would love to try fishing a river/stream. So far nothing but lakes and the big o. Where should i start?
    Fishing from the shore-I fish whatevers biting-closer to home the better!

    Any suggestions?
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    I live up near Dayton, and can't really comment on anything down there specifically but would highly recommend getting out to the rivers. Nothing better!! Get yourself a kayak or rent a canoe and float. Lots of maps online of the Great Miami, Little Miami, Mad, Stillwater. Are you near the East Fork Little Miami? It really is a great way to fish, enjoy nature, get some exercise, etc..

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    Try the LMR,what an awesome stream full of fish!
    The GMR on the W side is another great place to hit almost anyplace you can get access to and it has been ON FIRE recently,lots of nice fish!TC1
  4. Thanks guys! i ve canoe'd the little miami but never fished during. Can you fish the area around ft ancient? its been quite sometime since ive been down to that stretch but remeber it being shallow?
  5. Try Todds Fork in Morrow or O'Bannon's creek in Loveland. Both are great Smallmouth steams.
  6. fishing while canoeing the lmr is a blast. We rent canoes, take our rods and fish several times a year. Canoe for a little bit, pull over and wade, smallies, saugers, cats, etc.
  7. one nice strech on the lmr is from the canoe rental on wilmington road under the 71 bridge that goes over the lmr to ft.ancient, that is a good float. If you want, check out thenaturalresource they have maps of a good portion of stream and rivers, you have acces to satelite maps, which you can look for bends in the lmr, mad, gmr and a few more, check it out, good luck.
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    I live in loveland and fish the lmr regularly. there are some good axcess points around loveland where obannon creek joins the lmr. lots of smallies & a spot once in a while... good luck.....:)
  9. Thanks to all who replied! I knew the spots where ther but didnt know where to start! I will post pics after I get out there!
  10. right in town in loveland off ohio ave. is wher i fish from my dads house in lmr and caught a nice smallie last year :)