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  1. I am very admittedly a novice river fisherman. I've done it a few times with very limited success. I know the steelhead craze is beginning, but my question is if you can still expect decent smallmouth success during this time of year, and if so, what's working?

    Any tips would be great. I don't mind getting a little wet or dirty, and I think some of the things you get to see on the rivers are worth the trip.

    In an effort to help you pros help me, here's the situation.

    I prefer using ultra light stuff. I have some reels with 4 lb, and others with 6 lb test on them. I use an UL ugly stik rod, and try not to carry too much tackle with me (a tackle bag with roughly 50 lures in it). I try to keep a little bit of everything in the bag (shallow cranks, senko's/powerbaits/trick sticks, swim baits, rooster tails, mepps aglia's, vibe'e's, buzzbaits, spinners). Should I add or subtract anything?
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    You can definately nail a few smallies still this time of year. I actually caught one this weekend throwing a little cleo spoon down in the lower stretches of the Grand. This time of year, fish are trying to beef up a bit and pack on some pounds, so I recommend your typical baits, but don't shy away from larger stuff.....Rapala J9's (jointed rapala), Tubes with 1/4-1/2 ounce jighead, Zara Spooks, Spinnerbaits. Good luck!

  3. yeah all those lures sound good I've had good luck with thumpertail swimbaits, bright ones, early in the season. However if you plan to change up to fishing with spawn sacks and a float you might want to use a longer rod, the longer the better, as to keep more line off the surface of the water so it doesnt get dragged in the current, you'll get a better drift.
  4. You can still get them into November. You might even luck out and hook into a steelie!
  5. Well, first and foremost, thanks for the response. Secondly, if the baits I'm using work, I guess I'm looking for a little strategy help.

    Find the pools, float in the current, etc... looking for what works. No need for specific spots or even specific rivers. Just decent smallie technique.
  6. Try this. Tumbling an inline spinnerbait such as a rooster tail or mepps. What I mean is fish it almost as though you were in a drift with bait. Find the right weight and tempo to have the spinner blades just barely spin, on or near bottom, without snagging too much. I have dubbed this tumbling because it seems like what it is doing. River bass can get sluggish as water cools and this technique works well for me. Works on steelies too! I like headwaters in a pool best but tailwater sections can be just as productive. For colors use what the water clarity tells you...natural colors for clear water and brighter for stained water. Hope this helps.
  7. Thanks for all the help fellas. Went on the Hoga Saturday and caught a 14" smallie on my third cast. Was using a 3" black gitzit tube.

    Ended up catching 3 in a little over an hour (had prior engagements, or I'd still be there).

    All I can say is, I'm hooked.

    Edit: As always, catch and release. The 14-incher was hooked good, but released without harm.