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  1. I would like to start river fishing more this year. I know jigs are always a good place to start. What else should I stock up on?

    Does anyone ever fish the Little Miami at Roxanna New Burlington Rd?

  2. I do very well with rooster tails in creeks and rivers also rebel craw is another good bait.

  3. I've seen a lot of people speak well of the rebel craw's. Rooster tails make sense too, thanks.
  4. rebel craws are one of my all time favorite creek/river baits, also small buzzbaits, tubes, and small floating rapalas are good in the shallows
  5. I have not fished below roxanna in a year or so. but there are a few nice bends and snags to fish all the way past spring valley.
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    Rebel Craws and Rapala crank baits
  7. if you are refering to the Ohio River I caught hundreds of white bass and stripers on Rapala Shadrap and Bomber Model A's last year.
  8. I grew up catching crawdads, pulling the claws off and hooking them through the tail on a carolina rig. I Had the best results in the small rapids. I've had lots of catches on rooster tails, small spinners, rebel craws and jigs, but nothing beats the live crawdads.
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    Can't go worng fishing a rebel craw. The smaller "Wee Crawls" are much better if you ask me. blck rooster tails in 1/8 oz, and countdown rapala's. I fish a good size creek where I live and these are the only baits I carry, all else is nothing but a waste of time. And if you want some really good action on live bait, get a seine. Prop it up in light rapidsand just start digging and flipping every single rock in the path of the seine. This is a GREAT way to catch helgramites as well as crawdads. Just watch out for the pinchers on the helgramites, they hurt much worse than a crawdad. This is a guaranteed way to catch some serious smallies, just hook a light wire hook right behind the head of a helgramite and toss it out and let it swim, drives fish crazy. Flat rocks in the rapids will typically produce a large amount of helgramites, and later towards summer this is a great way to catch soft craws too. i use a 4'x6' seine, and prop it up using the poles and wedging those in the rocks. Swifter currents you will need two people, one flipping rocks and the other holding the seine.

    Anybody needs any tips on this I've been doing it for many years and I'm very succesful at it. send me a pm for any more details.
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    i'll tell you right now... what i have caught ten times more fish in the river on, than any other bait. is a red and white strike king mini king willow leaf blade. try it, and i guarantee... you will be pleased.
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    I fish that area some, but prefer downstream a bit further. Drive down the access road near the access road to the wildlife area and park in the pull off about 1/4 mile from Roxanna New Burlington road and go to the river from there. There is a pool there just ahead of some riffles.

    Also, Drive to the Spring Valley Marsh and park in the parking lot beside the lake. Walk through the strange gate they installed to keep bicycles out, cross over the bike path to the river and you will find another pool ahead of riffles. I have hooked SMB and spotted bass there using white spinners and white Mr. Twisters. Good Luck
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    I like a small plastic minnow they call "Sassy Shad." It works very well for me. Give it a try. They are easy to use and somewhat weedless.
    TommyV:) !%
  13. real talk, listin to this dude, ive seen him catch smallie after smallie on this thing, he got me on it...hes a man of truth
  14. Bass minnows and a slip bobber.
  15. Bomber Fat A crawdad with the orang/red belly and black/brown back can't be beat. Hurts everytime you lose one though.
  16. Thanks for all the replies. Seems like a small tackle bag is in order. Hopefully by the end of next weekend there will be some good news to report. Taking my daughter tonight to Carriage Hill, hopefully for some non-stop bluegill action at least.
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    My best success is with:
    #1 live craws (especially softies)
    #2 bass minnows with a strike indicator
    #3 split joint rapala topwater minnow (various colors) basic black/gold/silver most consistent.

    I have given other fisherman lessons at times with these types of bait. Many people believe in only artificial, but I feel better about the fact that I obtain my own bait 80% of the time with traps and a seine.