River Crappies couple sows!

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  1. Hit a hole i check quickly every week when i drive by it on way home. Tonight got about 20 crappies all black ones but last couple cast before going popped a couple sows these things were horses fat wide back Pigs! Largest measured 15" other 13" the 13" one i swore was a smallie the way it hit and fought in the current. Heres couple pics of the large ones man were they pretty and by the way had them for dinner and were just as tasty out of that frigid water. Caught them on small micro jigs with a tiny milktruese tail. They really hit it hard was no doubt these fish are hungry. If we get steady weather they will be going nuts :) [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    you're making me sick,troy:p
    nice fish.
    i've gotta get out and find some fishable water.too far to drive to columbus on a hope right now,and there's nothing closer except buckeye.guess i'll have to check it out.never really chased crappies there so i'll have to wing it,LOL.

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    Nice job those are beauties.
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    Nice crappies Troy. Way to go!


  5. Capital outdoorsman

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    I'm getting out for some of the sweet meat this weekend. Hopefully I'll come across some pigs. Love catching the black crappie.
  6. Fishslim does it again! Nuf said...
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    Troy, what you trying to imply there? hehe. The house is sold, I have moved and Im living about a mile from the oshay boat ramp, hint. ;) Good job on bustin those crappies... Time to start pre fishing yet?

  8. Nice fish there slim. You seem to have a sixth sense for those crappies. I think you might have been a crappie in a former life. Hope I can find some myself soon.
  9. HA! Not sure about being a Crappie but i did have a major role in Waterworld movie!!:p This week is going to be fun fish will be going nuts. Get out there and hit your favorite holes. Good fishing. Did get a 6 pound plus saugeye and one about 4 pounds other day at Indian they want to bite but just not there yet Close real Close!!
  10. Nice slabs slim, can't beat cold water crappie, bet they were tasty. Hit one last night throwing for eyes on alum but nothing like your pigs. Congrats!