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  1. Does anyone know how the rocky looks today? is it clear enough for sucker spawns and flies?

  2. clear......I heard ice and slush was a problem this morning.

  3. when i drove by today aroung noon ,i saw ice solid
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    froze? yikes! i am gonna hit up the v tomorrow maybe if the water don't rise
  5. Rocky FROZE?? I didn't know/think a flowing river would freeze so quickly, that's hard to believe.:eek: I know it gets chunks of ice and that but to freeze solid it must have been an ice age. :D

    Maybe, the water has not been moving fast enough.

    I double checked the flow rates and they sure are low combined with a low temp 32 degrees (That has to be close to freezing temp! LOL)
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    not all of the river can be freeze yet the v is smaller than the rock and is was flowing 3 days ago.
  7. i went over the bridge by the boat ramps,and that area is froze up. up river there is open river,but alot of ice. i did not see the whole river. while working i see parts of the river
  8. I fished the Rocky this afternoon and it looked good (flow and clarity). There was more open water and less slush than yesterday. Closer to sunset more slush and ice chunks were starting to show up as the temps dropped. I managed to land 2 steelies and a few nice ice bergs all on spawn sacs. The Rocky should still be in good shape tomorrow with a high of 38 and I hope it might still be okay Sunday. I would imagine that by Monday it will be blown out from all the snow melt. I saw that the Vermilion spiked way up to over 800 cfs today (What was that all about??? Very weird!) and will only continue to rise as more snow melts, so it will be a long time before the Vermilion looks good.

    Today's Steel:
  9. Congrats on the steel! The ice can mess with guage readings at times.