River Cats (Hoga)?

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  1. No classes tomorrow, looking to get some eater cats. Wondering where is it clean to eat from around Akron area. Wanting to cast so it's narrowed down to rivers. Also what have you found best this time of year? (I.E. drifting minnows)
  2. Upper Cuyahoga is outstanding for channels and an occasional blue.I like to use minnows or shiners on a floating jighead to avoid the many snags as much as possible.Good numbers and legendary size possible.Gets little cat pressure with bass and pike in area getting the attention,particularly in fall.
    As for water quality, don't confuse upper river with lower-to-Erie portion that is befouled by Akron with regularity.
    Like the EPA says, just stay above Gorge Dam.Edison is best anyway.

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    where exactly is Gorge Dam? and what is Edison? I've been to Akron maybe twice and want to try so decent catfishing before it's tooooo cold. I'm coming from Shaker...a suburb of Cleveland...off of 271
  4. The Gorge Dam is accessible off of 8 south on Howe Ave. Take 271 to 8 south and take the Howe Ave exit. Make a right when you take the exit ramp and head down to the first light after exiting. At the first light, make another right to go down to the Gorge.
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    P.M. me i live in shaker also and am off tommorow.
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    My two cents,

    I wouldnt eat any fish especially catfish or carp out of the Cuyahoga ever. There are to many cleaner places to get catfish to eat. Nimisilla has nice catfish and so does Mogadore. Go fish the cuyahoga after a rain and see all of the run off from storm sewers and it smells .

    Dont get me wrong there are some nice channels in the Cuyahoga . I just wouldnt eat any of them.
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    You're entitled to your opinion, but you could at least base it on something expert and proveable.As stated before, the Upper Cuy. -above Gorge Dam-has tested cleaner than any of the Portage Lakes-including Nimi-for decades now.This is cited by the ODNr and others as one reason that smallmouth bass and the notoriously water quality-sensitive northern pike thrive in the river and have never even begun to do so in the Portage Lakes, despite repeated attempts.Pike once did exist in some numbers and size in Nimi(to be fair, it is with all its problems still cleaner than the other P.Lakes), but never like in the upper cuy. and are in obvious and sad decline now.
    Let's be fair to a guy new to the area and not start up w/ the same old scare stories without qualifying them, for goodness sake
  8. This don't strike me as a "scare" tactic and I think Pikedaddy was expressing an honest personal opinion.

    Others may debate that opinion.... and the underlying facts.......but it's still a valid personal opinion expressed (imo) with the well being of others in mind.

    Collinwoodie.......help everyone here and document your facts. Right now, your post is just another valid personal opinion.
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    There are no blue cats in the cuyahoga river. Many people mistake dark colored channels for blues, but fail to realize that they dont have anywhere near enough rays in their anal fin to be blue cats.
    Channels have up to about 29 or 30 rays, blues can have over 40.

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    Here are some FACTS for you.


    "Portions of the upper Cuyahoga River basin, from the headwaters to the Lake Rockwell dam, fail to meet Ohio's water quality standards. Water quality standards are based on designated uses, which reflect the water's potential to be used by humans and support a biological community."

    Proof of this.


    Where do you think water from Rockwell flows? I will help ya out...if flows over the Gorge Dam, it flows over the Brecksville Dam, it ends in Erie.

    Here is more proof of water quality issues in General.






    I agree with Pikedaddy. I as well have now put my .02 cents in, and have backed it up.

    Those whom feel the waterquality is so great ABOVE the Gorge Dam. I ask you a question. Explain to me how I have still found Tampons, Maxipads, and Condoms floating in waters above that area. HMMMMMMM.......

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    You can blame me for the condoms. I was haveing trouble keeping catfish bait on the hook but then I filled a condom with stink bait, poked some holes and Eureka!:p
  12. why god, why?

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please


    I agree that lower hoga isn't the best place to be wading, but my experience with the upper hoga, though better than the lower, it still has me wandering. My health is more important than eating a few fish. I will error on the side of caution.

  14. Sounds like a good approach. Now please let us know the details. Magnums for big cats? Brand? Ribbed for their pleasure?

    I think that can be said about almost any river that runs thru an agricultural or urban area (which the 'hoga does in both cases). CSO runoff, fertilizer runoff, treatment plants, and private septic system runoff is present in most streams. Just depends on what you can tolerate.

    Most of the erie tribs have the same issue, although getting a bit better, not where then can/should be. In my experience fishing the rocky river, I have seen it where the season ended about this time of year (carp quit hitting) before the salmon/trout stockings and always smelling like a toilet or sewer. Since then, the quality appears to get getting a bit better by closing most of the upstream treatment plants that were aging. Personal septic runoff still exists outside of the park boundaries, which has been there for years.

    These days, the water seems to stink a bit less, but now we have the airport glycol runoff during the winter and more silt due to many of the farms and fields on the west branch being replaced by housing developments. Runoff is no longer filtered thru the fields, it now goes straight in the river.
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    there is also an issue with the sediment found below frontstreet due to the tannerys that were located in that stretch
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    Why is it otherwise fair-minded folks will take melodramatic potshots at the Cuyahoga and reference any negative data- no matter how dated or the fact that it doesn't even differentiate between the very different stretches of the river-yet never say they'll "error on the side of caution" regarding the more inferior water quality of area lakes like the historically pcb-laden Portage chain,Mosquito, with its annual running-of-the-feces off Pikie Bay, or perhaps Lake Erie- with its fish advisory list that reads like a Road Atlas?
    After all, such comparisons was why the thread was started in the first place.

    KSUFLASH respect our rivers please

    I have never seen Condoms, tampons, maxipads in Portage Lakes, Nimisila, Mosquito, West Branch, etc..

    For me it is a visual thing I guess.

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    Like Steel Cranium says, rivers always carry the immediate, visual brunt of the after-rains onslaught(and in some areas of some streams,worse)and I understand KSU Flash's revulsion having very occasionally witnessed similar affronts, even at Edison, over the many years.Visual images create memories that can at times override dry pages of statistics, no matter how extensive and contrary overall.
    That notorious "Lusters Lane" parking area in and around the car washes at Stonehedge runs directly into the storm drains to the river built for that purpose in the early 70s.As kids, we watched them built as they tore down the old bridge.Use your imagination...
    Still, let's not lose track of what is really the most important.I saw Mr.Wyzynski of the area shock testing team answer questions on area water quality at the old Stow sportshow.this was in the days when even some knowledgeable people still believed the upper Cuyahoga had worse water quality than the Portage Lakes, or even Lake Erie.
    When he exhibited the data showing clearly otherwise (my wife remembers several charter captains asking him to put such data away)he reminded us that rivers carry away most pollutants as quick as they are introduced (KsU was on to something when he previously reminded us where these effluents and much worse ones downriver a few miles actually end up and accumulate) and if we just leave them be rivers have an amazing capacity to heal themselves, for which the entire Cuyahoga is now a nationally cited example.Lakes can't do this, what enters stays.

    p.s. there have indeed been at least some blue cats in the river historically;a picture from a 50s newspaper article just inside the door at the Falls Historial Society where I work part-time, shows and describes a very big one.
  19. So guys, what's the best way to get some cats this time of year? LOL:cool:
  20. Great thread.
    It's always informative and a little amazing that there are still people that carry on the same old long-ago disproven stereotypes about the river and then fish other area waters that have tested far worse for years and eat the fish out of them without a second thought.