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Discussion in 'Southwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Cody Carlier, Jul 1, 2007.

  1. Does anyone fish here?
    Im looking for a spot on a river to fish and some of my friends told me that it is a great place to go. (This is in Batavia btw)
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    Great place for turtles and snakes. Smells good, too.:D

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    Waste treatment plant, smells good!
  4. Cody, this is the Eastfork Little Miami River. You can fish this though I agree they don't call it the stinkhole for nothing. A lot of people fish this area all day and night (especially the bend in the road where the river hooks to the left, going towards redbarn.) If you can get past the smell which can be bad on certain days, then you can catch some fish here. You can try the whole area in Batavia, all the way down across from the jail. There are some pools of water with some monster carp in them, as well as cats, smallmouth, crappies, warmouth, sauger, gar, sunfish, wipers, white bass, drum......to name a few......Without giving too much away I have caught 3 smallies this year in this stretch of water all weighing over 3 lbs, one pushing 4. All were caught in the evening with a small buzzbait. This area does get fished a lot and some days are real tough. A tiny rebel crayfish or rooster tail will catch a variety of different fish here. Minnow lures work real well too! A lot of people I pass in this area love live chubs for the smallies and sauger. You can use corn, wheatie balls or dough bait for the carp. You can see those beasts hanging under trees in the shade close to the surface on a hot day. They are fun to catch. Again, you might get skunked a couple of times but hang in there, I promise there are fish here. And of course there are turtles and snakes but I encounter those it seems like anywhere I go. There are quite a few softshelled turtles and snappers along this route. Anyway hope that helps a little bit. I would choose the LMR or GMR if I did have the choice but since I live right in Batavia, I end up there most evenings. Have fun.