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Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by Doctor, May 17, 2008.

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    Brian Mellon,
    Here is the current anchor I use on the Ohio River, it weights 5#, the main stem is 1" pipe that is 19" long from the top of the ring to the base, it has a 1 foot chain attached to it, the tines are 3/8" hot rolled and are 20" in length from point to point, I carry a 1" pipe 2 foot long on board the boat to bend them back if they get straightened out, this anchor grabs real good and I still use the ARS to pull this anchor, this anchor will lock my big boat down with the anchor buckets out the back even in flooded high water conditions, if you fish a dam it is great for getting hung up and holding the Ars will pull it out of the junk then you just bend the tines back that are straight, I'm using 200 foot of 5/8" rope to hold the boat, I just throw this out and let it sink down and it will grab, I have been using this anchor this year the Richter's are on board as back-ups but I haven't had to use them yet.



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    Wow! A 5# anchor that hold a 20ft boat in that kind oc current is great. Looks like I may have to see about getting something like that made!

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    you stole my idea,doc:p :D
    actually i did think of that idea quite some time ago,but just never got around to making one.i wondered how well it would work,and it seems your test answered that question:cool:
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    Even though the Richter is a great anchor when you pull that thing 20 times in an outing my back is totally shot, the ARS takes the brunt of it but it's the two foot lift from the water to the deck of the boat, takes me three days to recover, so I use this one now, have only had it skip on a smooth pea gravel bottom, and not many of those on the Ohio River. The next one I make may have 6 tines on it to see if it will grab even better than this one.............Doc
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    That's the same thing Neil used on his boat when we fished with him on the James this spring. Only difference was he used rebar for the tines. Worked real nice.
  6. thats a great idea! may have to look into a similar project for my boat. maybe smaller though, i only use my boat on the GMR or Scioto.
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    If you don't have access to a welder and need to buy one. I used this type of anchor while in the Keys in December as there is a lot of rock there. Notas cheap as Doc's but they work.

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    Nice anchor no anywhere close to Austintown , ohio were I could get someone to manufacture something like this. I have a similar version but not as long and only has three extensions and there not that long .picked it up at wal mart.