ring-necked pheasant sighting

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by LiquidTension, Apr 1, 2005.

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    so i'm driving home, heading south on i-77, past massilon rd and before the airport and spot a larger bird in the median grass. first i thought, red-tail hawk gaurding its fresh kill, then get closer and see a big white ring around this dark reddish bird. definately a male ring-necked pheasant :) just struting around in the median, about 30 feet off the road. man i havent seen one of these since mid-70's? pretty bird it is, probably tasty too ;) ... make a nice mount as well. i hope it made it out of rush hour traffic. (not a aprils fools joke) :)
  2. I was passing the Medina Fairgroungs today and saw 11 turky feeding near the horse barns. :cool: One, a large Tom with a long beard was strutting his butt of for the several hens. One hen was about 85% white in base color but had all the bars clearly defined in dark brown and black. Another hen was about 50% white. Should have some showing up in my yard soon.
    Also heard a Cock Pheasant crowing yesterday while walking around at Spencer Lake.

  3. My neighbor keeps several acres as a "prarie" and there are a lot of pheasants living in there. Last summer I saw a cockbird about every morning out my bathroom window. Usually had several hens around also. Heard them all summer in the evenings. Pretty cool.
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    Goodyear releases birds also. Goodyear hunt & fish turned out about 400 cock birds this past fall. I was lucky enough to get four to release out in Wayne county. If we see that the cock birds made it through the winter they give us a few hens to turn loose also in the spring. ODNR guys say that the birds of prey (hawks, owls ect.) are the main reason for the low numbers of pheasants. Sure hope they made it.
  5. Are pheasants rare in your area? We have pretty good numbers of them down here in Pickaway county. I saw 3 hens on my way home from Deer Creek last week.
  6. I would agree that the main reason pheasants are killed are birds of prey, but loss of habitat is the reason we don't see them as much anymore. They don't have a place to hide or to nest. I know that I've seen hundreds of turkeys along State Route 22 near Cadiz on my way home from Columbus once. I think my friend Paul's father once won an award for rebuilding habitat for game birds from the Ohio extension agency. He also maintain a large "prarie" area where he leaves brush for the birds. I'd love to live in the country again, but the wife likes living close to work. Maybe someday....

  7. Hey warpath the northern part of Pickaway is only 15 or 20 minutes from Columbus. I live down by Circleville and work in Columbus and it only take about 30 minutes for me to get to work.
  8. I have raised pheasants several years although I am not currently doing so. I agree that birds of prey are the main predator, primarily redtail hawk and great horned owl at least in my area. Many are taken by fox and coyote as well but not nearly as many as the hawks and owls get. I still see a pretty decent population of them on my property. In fact last fall I jumped a group of 4 hens and 3 cock birds all in the same group. I really like seeing them around and I am planning to get back into raising them in the next year or so. My brother-in-law still raises them and sells and releases quite a few every year.
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    i live in canton, so id have to go with yes.
    though where i saw it was pretty wooded on either side of the highway. it was in the median right before youd pass the akron-canton airport heading south....i suppose theres a fair population in city of green area.

    i see alot of red-tail hawks in this stretch of highway... along with kestrals (though too small to take a pheasant out)
    apparently theres a nesting pair of perigrenes in downtown canton on of the tall buildings .... :cool:
    i luv seeing birds of prey... so majestic
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