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  1. Has anyone been fishing the Ole Riley much this year? How about since all the fish north of Rd. R had died? I have been out some, over by Pandora. I did manage to land a 11 and a 14 1/2 smallie.
  2. RCF, I've been fishing it some. Alot of the fish in town took a hit from the fish kill also. I have managed to get a few on the creek but nothing like years past. I have caught a few 14 inchers, but not in town. Most of the rock bass and smallies that were in town are gone.
    I called the DNR office in Findlay the week after the kill, and was told they estimated around 10,000 (yes this is correct) dead fish. That's alot of dead fish for a small creek. They also had taken water samples and said what ever it was that killed the fish had disapated buy the time the samples were taken. They had sent some of the dead fish out for analysis but that is the last I heard. He said the water quality was good and the fish should migrate back into the area in time.
    Man the last two years has sure been rough on the creek, first was the floor wax spill from PMI, that turned the water white like milk, then a few weeks later the same place caught fire and all that water from fighting the fire ends up in the creek, and now this. It's a wonder there are any fish left in the creek! It has to get better!

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    Ahhhh! Now that brings back memories!:) I basically learned to fish fishing the Riley in Bluffton. We used to have a blast back then. Times were simple then - A bike, a couple of rods, and a tacklebox were all that was needed to delve into the Riley fishery. Now, I 'm a big kid:p , with tons of tackle and gear, and a boat but not near enough time to use it! I haven't fished the Riley in probably 20 years. My personal best smallie tipped the scales at 3# and was caught behind the tennis court on College Ave. Bluegill, bullhead,suckers,carp, and large and smallmouth bass were plentiful. I have never fished the Riley north of Pandora but we used to venture to the old dam west of Phillips Rd. when we were kids. Thanks for bring up this topic because I may have to relive my childhood and make a trip to ol' Big Bend this weekend!;)
  4. This brings back memories for me as well. I spent four years in Bluffton as college and we also did quite a lot of fishing in the Riley. I don't remember it as being a place with big fish but we always caught our share of small to medium sized fish. The spring of '88 was the last I was there. I know the town and campus changed a lot but I hope the river stayed the way it always was.
  5. I was at Riley creek about a week ago. (southeast of ottawa about 2 miles).
    Caught one small bass. Water was so clear you could see fish in water. Went back next night and caught nothing.