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Right or Wrong....what do you think?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by BottomBouncer, May 12, 2005.

  1. I used to work at a big home improvement store......not Home Depot.

    Key word "used to work". See, I got fired a few days ago.....or "terminated" as they said. I had never been written up or fired at or from a job before, so needless to say I was a bit surprised. They said that I was being wrote up for telling two other employees that I refused to help them and since I had been written up on other occassions that this was causing me to lose my job.

    Now, let's go back in time. First of all, the days that I was accussed of not willing to help people......I didn't work that day.....04/29. Previously to being called into the office(NOT EVEN ON THE CLOCK YET) I was helping a fellow employee cut carpet for a customer.....and prior to that, checking on a couple of special orders.........again, not on the clock.

    A previous write up had to do with a promo we were running. Free pad with carpet install. Well, you have to have a manager log in to change the price. I asked a manager to log in for me and he wrote the # down for me to use. A couple days later I get questioned about it.......and given a final warning. Now why would I get a final warning or even written up? A MANAGER let me do it.........anything wrong with this picture??? I assumed he knew policy better than I.....

    Another occassion, tried to move a palet of countertops and the bands broke and they all slid off, most broke. A dept. manager saw it, realized that I was not at fault and told me to leave it for nightstocking to take care of......and I left to go to a late class. Get called in the next day and written up for leaving early and leaving the mess and not reporting it. Again, a MANAGER told me to leave it and was aware of the situation and I had given them my availability, they knew that i had class in the evening and had to leave at a certain time.

    AND FINALLY.......written up for not wearing safety goggles while cutting tile. This had NEVER been enforced or talked about. I had regular glasses. Another person did the same thing and did not get written up. I got another final warning. How a person has TWO final warnings.....I dunno???

    Ironically after I was gone they moved the appliance manager to the department that I worked in......they had known they had to move him for some time. He had been there for 10+ years and I for three. Clearly they could not afford both of us.....he was there longer and I am no longer there.

    If you have read this far........what do you think of the whole deal????
  2. mrjbigfoot

    mrjbigfoot Mike

    It all sounds like a real mess! I think you'll be better off finding a job elsewhere & this sounds like it's your opportunity!

  3. Sounds like Lowes screwed you over. I wouldn't suggest going to Home Depot either. My fiance USED to work there and got treated like crap. The bad thing is that no matter what the managers tell you it's you were in the wrong to another manager. I'm sure the manager "told you to clean the mess up". When they only get one side of the story you look like the bad guy. Sorry to hear that you got fired but now you have more time to fish. :D Good luck with the job search.
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    I'd take this time to find another place to work . Sounds like you will be better off for sure..... THE CATKING !!!
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    You'd probally face strict guidelines if allowed back to that company. If your wanting to stay in that say line of work, you coudl always try the big bad Orange company! I used to work for a sporting goods company (along w/ Dr. Z) most everyone went to work for the competitor, I couldnt do, made a complete change of direction. But if it means putting food on the table the competiton may look good.
  6. Sounds like a bunch of CRAP! The bad thing is you probably can not do anything about it because it would just be your word against a managers word and you know what would happen with that.
  7. Well, I'm trying to finish up school. Few more 1/4's and I'll have a degree in logistics or finance......can't decide. I'd never go back there.......only reason I stayed is so it would look good on a resume that I was not in and out of jobs. Luckily I have an awesome girlfriend that is helping with my bills.

    Anyone know of any place that is hiring? I have sales experience, welding, machining, auto(engine building), warehouse......just about anything.
  8. i tried working for a retailer once. home quarters. the laid me off on december the 18th. does that sound like the week before christmass to you? if you add the week waiting period for unemployment, it made for a tough holliday that year.

    apply for your unemployment. you may have to fight, but you'll most likely get it. then get out of retail.
  9. If that's the way it went down you are better off otta there. Don't worry, if you want work, you'll find it. In the mean time take a week or two off and GO FISH!

    Some of the people that these places put in management positions have no idea how to deal with their fellow workers much less their subordinates. A little power and responsibility can be dangerous in their hands. My sons girl had just finished management training for Wal Mart and when she got back to her store her boss told her that since she was now management they owned her. She said excuse me? He repeated it again and that was all she needed to hear. She walked. Now I'm not saying that they are all like that but more than capable of being like that. In my long working career I came to realize a basic trueism, take care of the workers and they will take care of you. Respect them and they'll respect you. You obviously ran into some managers that don't put credence in these philosophies plus it sounds as if their communication skills could use a bit of an upgrade.LOL

    Go out and get another job, get that degree, and in the mean time FISH, FISH,FISH!
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    Where do you live?
  11. Lol......I'm wearin' out my stradic. I've put in at several different jobs......from diesel mech to flooring sales.......had a bunch of calls from a resume I put on monster. Been trying to get on at a dock uncle works at old dominion freight....gone up $5/hr. and only been there two years. Started at $12 now at $17.....wouldn't be bad to get through school.
  12. Galloway.....westside of columbus.
  13. Have you looked into either FedEx or UPS? I'm not sure of the pay but I think they pay for schooling. Not sure what the requirements are but you could look there.
  14. Good point, I did not think to file a formal complaint. Thanks for the idea. ;)
  15. If you want a lawyers opinion check out this forum, its free, just register.

    They have a section just for employment and labor law.
  16. freyedknot

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    we had 3 maintenance men get fired because they were playing cards on company time. one of them was their supervisor. they got an attorney and ended up getting their job back w/all their back pay for a little over a year.1 came back 1 day to get his back pay check and then quit!!!and the supervisor never got his job back at all, and of course no backpay.
  17. man like em or not, this is where unions are very nice. I worked at krogers for 7 years through high school and college, and without sounding too immodest, i was one of the best employees in the store. A manager started singling me out for some reason and made it a point to try to screw me for everything and anything, much like what it sounds like you experienced. Thankfully as long as i stayed in line with the rules of my contract there wasn't much he could do but give me a hard time. He eventually got transferred to another store and things were fine again. It was also nice to make 12.50 an hour stocking fruit as a college kid. Yeah they can be abused and protect the wrong people, and it cost me 8 bucks a week, but that would have never have happened to you if your were organized.

    FISHERLADY Fish OH Master Angler

    The economy is very tough. I have been looking for work since early March. Got denied unemployment and now am walking on pins and needles trying to figure out what to do before I lose my nice truck and new apartment. I have had no luck at the temp services at all. :eek: I know it is probably a drive for you but Target Warehouse in West Jeff. I heard was really good. There is also a lot of stuff around Grove City area. My other thing is I don't want to have to drive all the way across town! LOL. With gas prices like they are. :D When the going gets rough the Tough go Fishing! LOL Hang in there and take a fishing break now and then. :D Hopefully things will get better for us all.
  19. flathunter

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    Fisherlady, the factory I work at is currently hiring 50 new employees..It is 15 miles southwest of columbus...Top pay after two years is 15.70hr.