Rifled barrel ?

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  1. I was wondering how important a rifled barrel is for shotgun hunting. I haven't done much deer hunting to this point but I really want to start doing it more. I am in college so I don't have a lot of extra money to spend on a barrel so I was curious. I have a Remingtom 870 express and I used to think that it was absolutely a necessity to have a rifled slug barrel to use. I was recently told that it isn't a necessity so I wanted to check on here and get some other opinions. Thanks
  2. It's not necesary but is more accurate.

  3. I have killed many deer using rifled barrels and regular barrels. Like said before, it really isn't necessary.
  4. For me the difference was this:

    Smoothbore = 50-75 yd shot

    Rifled = up to 140 yds

    If you hunt a lot of wide open fields it is helpful. Definitely not a necessity.
  5. Thanks for the quick replies everyone. I don't plan on taking any really long shots anyway and I'm def. not going to buy a scope at this point. lol So I'm thinking I should be ok with a regular barrel.
  6. It depends on the price. If you are gonna buy a new barrel, I would definately go with the rifled barrel. Probably get a new one for 175.00. A new smoothbore will run ya 150.00. Used though you can get a smoothbore for around a hundred bucks. Mike
  7. Hunted with a smoothbore for 15 years and took a deer, sometimes two, every season. It is just a matter of finding out which ammunition is most accurate with your particular barrel. My son's 870 express has a 28 inch barrel that will hit a pie plate every shot at 75 yards when using an open (improved cylinder) choke and bead sights. His 870 does just fine with plain old Remington Foster Slugs.
    BTW....most of the deer I have shot were at 40 yards or under.
  8. I've used my smooth bore on my 870 for 25 years and like shortdrift said, 75 yards no problem. Now if ya just got to have that 2" moa at 75 yards you can spend the money for the rifeled barrel, but just remember, the price of your shots just went up to 2 to 3 bucks a crack!
  9. You can always try a rifled choke tube. Poor mans rifled barrel. Similar results to a full rifled barrel.
  10. I had thought about getting a rifled choke tube. Also, I have an 870 express super mag also. It's been a great gun for me thus far and it will be even better if I can get a deer with it. What slugs has anyone else found work best for it?
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    I shoot a Remington 870 express super mag as well. I use a rifled choke tube and 4.5 power scope. With this combo I have killed 3 deer at over 100 yards using 2 3/4 inch Remington Sluggers.
  12. I always shot BRI sabots with alot of sucess. Use Remington copper solids with it with caution or not at all. I personally have seen 4 get stuck in Rem barrels. Dont know why but it happened.
    Real tough to get out.
  13. No offence fellas, but a rifled tube is far from the same as a rifled barrel. They cause more deformation than stabilization. The lands and grooves are so short and the sabot hits it’s so hard, there’s really little chance for any stabilization to occur.

    How do you mean?
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  15. The ones I saw were all stuck in the last 1/4 of the barrel. They just never made it out. Dont know if it was a weak charge or size of the slug but there they were. Luckily each shooter realized there was something wrong and didnt try and shoot again.
    I was working in a gunshop at the time and they all were stuck in Remington barrels. It was a few years back (11 or 12) so mabey the problem was or is fixed.
    as far as the choke tube debate I've had good luck with rifled choke tubes. I wouldnt say there as good as fully rifled but I think theres a definete benefit to them.
  16. Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that they hinder accuracy. Just that they do very, very little to help. I do believe that they must increase barrell pressures, and therefore increase recoil. I'm not convinced it's worth the trade-off.
  17. I have a buddy that used a couple different rifled choke tubes, and both of them made the slugs start to tumble and become very inconsistant. The doe he shot that year looked like it had an exit wound of a high powered rifle. I think I'd save the money on the choke tube.
  18. Call Me Old Fashioned, I Still Use My Grandfathers Winchester 97 Smoothbore, Itll Shootsub 3 Inch Groups With Winchester Slugs.
  19. I've been using the same Remington 870 Express with a smothbore slug barrel for 20 years. Many, many deer have been taken with one shot at 90 yards or more.

    Mine shoots the standard Federal Foster slugs the best.