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  1. Well, turkeybasst and I went to "THE" lake last night around 6:30 and fished until midnight. The gorgeous lake produced about 20 Crappie and 3 15" Eye's (which we put back) and THEN, AND THEN, AND THEN, around 9:00 p.m. all hell broke loose.

    Just to let you know Rick, you were right on the money. About the place you told me to go that is.

    I was using a 7" LIGHT action rod with my Okuma light action reel with 4 lb test, a roadrunner with my favorite Hellgrimite plastic.

    Wayne was using a nice Gander Mtn. Med. Light rod and a reel to match. Also with 4 lb line.

    We cast to shore in 2 1/2 ft of water and SLAAAAM!!!!!!! SLAAAAM! 2 Eye's that were AT LEAST 24" each. Came right out of the freakin water and SLAAAAMED these poor little unsuspecting crappie fisherman.

    Well, needless to say after a nice fight of each of these fish (with a double hook up I remind you) they both cut the line with their teeth or gill plates.

    We lost both fish. (heh heh heh) Needless to say fellas, we quickly and quietly put away the small stuff and grabbed for the heavier rods. My custom made rod with 8 lb test and Waynes favorite rod and we got serious about the "Eye's".

    Amazing what happens in 2 feet of water when 24-28 inches of wild fish explodes in front of you 15' away on the retrieve.

    Fish were slamming white only. No Chartruese or a few other colors. Only White with 1/4 oz jigs and 3 & 4 inch curlytails.

    Unreal action at night there Rick.

    Also, dead quiet. Not a sound except for all the freakin fish jumping all around you and especially when they jump so close to the boat that they splash you.

    Kinda like thumbing their noses at you.

    Well, we had a blast, UNTIL THE FRIGGIN SNAKE TRIED TO GET UP ON THE DARN BOAT. You would've died laughing at 2 grown men at night out there jumping around the freekin boat trying to find where the heck it went. Wayne would try to flip it over the side with his rod and it flipped towards me, then I would try to get this 90 mph slithering thing off the boat and flipped it towards Wayne. This went on back n forth for a little bit before we actually made it leave on it's own.

    THEEEEEEENN guess what happened? I got hung up in a bush. We're in 2 ft of water, so Wayne says, "Don't worry I'll slide over and get it for you. I said don't worry it's only a R/R jig. I will re-tie another one on. B-4 I could finish, over the side he goes and wades over to the lure. He gets it off and walks back to me (10' to the boat) climbs up on the boat and goes up to the bow.
    Needless to say as Wayne steps onto the bracket, his foot slips off and, SPLASH!!!!!!!!!!! Into 2' of water he goes. I look up and he is half hanging on the the motor and half in the water. Very funny BUT the inside of his thight was banged and scrapped pretty bad and black n blue from the corner of the bracket as he slid by on the way down to the water.

    Well, the friggin snake is back and up by the bracket of the trolling motor. Which was stuck in the mud. Well, I thought he was going to crap in his pants. He grabs the snakes tail and goes to pull the friggin thing, thinking it was the rope to unlock the trolling motor and started screaming like a little girl "banshee". Then he slings the damn thing up in the air and I started to use up all the friggin room on my little 19' Ranger. We were running out of room. (The boat gets REAL SMALL WITH TWO FAT BOYS AND A MAD SNAKE ON IT) real quick. Well, the snake goes over the side, I pop the trolling motor up and we get the heck out of there fast before the snake brings back his friends.

    Oh well, something always has to happen. I think that your episodes are rubbing off on us Rick. Especially on that lake. No pictures fellas, sorry. Lost the 2 bigs ones and the Crappie were all small anyway.

    But I'll tell you all this, that is the prettiest and quietest lake I have been on yet.

    Thank you again, Hoover.:D
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  2. that is hilarious!!!!!!! wish i couldve been doing the same thing haha

  3. Mushijobah

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    HAHAHAHA! Is this a private lake err?
  4. misfit

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    glad you got a few.knew i shoulda went out last night.i miss all the good stuff that happens other people:mad: :D
    you guys out did fishintiger and me,LOL.in fish AND fun.we were out today and only got 3 short eyes and some short crappies.no clouds,no wind and hotter than a 2 dollar pistol in a shootin' gallery.not the best conditions for loading the box with fish.
    misadventures were minimal today.i only hooked myself once.tony only got his line wrapped in the prop once.i'm sure people were wndering what 500 pounds of beef was doing on the back of the boat while it was drifting aimlessly down the lake:rolleyes:
    we're both up on the back deck with our hindends up in the air while we're hanging over the transom trying to unwrap the line from around the outboard prop.another 10 pounds on the back of the boat would have brought water over the transom and you'd be reading a whole different story:eek:
    got home safe and backed up the drive.i stopped while the garage door opened then started backing in.just in the nick of time i notice the wife step into the garage from the house and hit the brakes.seems she felt the need to park her car in the garage,and in the dim light i couldn't see it as i was backing in.had she not come out just then to move it,my motor would have been in the trunk of the car,LOL.
  5. I've been wanting to give Hoover a try for some time now but with the stories that come off that lake, I think I'll stay away, LOL. Good stuff guys, that has to rank right up there with Misfit and the plug story!!
  6. well seems like everyone had a struggle on the water last night and this a.m. i was on the water early for me about 10 till 6am, and thought i was gonna get an early topwater bass bite, but i went to alum instead of hoover today though, i was so early i thought i could get some good fishing in b4 crazies on the speed boats got on the water. i ended up with three small sm ,one small catfish, and a couple small crappies, very slow day.
  7. Mush, you are kidding me right? We were on Hoover Reservior. I love that lake. So clean too.:)
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    Looks like I need to catch up on the OGF lingo, Ricks Lake and all.
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    trucked.........thats just too funny!! :) WB
  10. Hey WB, great to hear from you girl. How's the other half doing?

    "That's my story and I'm sticking to it."
  11. Reminds me of the time my uncle and I were in Canada, fishing was kinda slow and he was leaning over looking in his tackle box looking for the majic lure that was gonna turn everything on again, well to make a long story short I glance over at him and see a HUGE turtle float up to the top of the water and it seems to be looking right at my uncle, the inevitable OH $hi& comes outa my mouth and my uncle looks down and sees this turtle dang near in his face(his boat rides low to the water to begin with let alone when a guy is leaning over) he jumps back so fast and hard he dang near goes right out of the back of the boat:p one of the many fond memories I have of that trip:) never seen turtles so big before as they are up there.
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    Hey trucked!! Hubby is doing great :) I'm still laughing at your story!! WB
  13. funny story! I should spend more time on hoover... in my float tube :)
  14. NewbreedFishing

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    i understood around 4% of that post.
    what were you guys drinking with your meds??
  15. hahhaha lol, thats true :)
  16. fugarwi7

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    Pretty funny Steve...if the video camera was running, you would be a shoe-in on AFV! :D