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Rickenbacker Air Show Site

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by midnight, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. gonefishin'

    gonefishin' Lifestyle Farmer

    Wow! Thanks for that, sounds awesome.

    There is a show this weekend at the Lancaster airport if anyone is interested. I believe there will be some Mustangs there also.

  2. been awhile since they had an airshow at rickenbacker.....we went to the last one in was and my wife went there on the friday to scope out the parking and how to get there,while we were standing there at the fence an A4 skyhawk came screaming over,,,,,low whith a F5 tiger on his that was sooooooooo cool,this was before they banned fly overs of the crouds.......this should be a great show......mid
  3. Cant wait, bought my 4 day box pass back in May. Its gonna be huge! Going to Lancaster on Sunday, very nice show.
  4. I was at Lancaster show on Saturday. The B2 flyover and the Mig were awesome. I like the old warbirds also.