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  1. Anyone know anything about the airshow this weekend or where I can find some info? I saw what I think was a B17 bomber and 4 P51's flying over Columbus today and it was really cool. I have never been to an airshow and would really like to see it. I was also told that 51 P51's would fly in formation on Sunday. That would be cool to see. Anyone know?

    Those are also wild guesses at what those planes where, I really have no clue what I'm talking about when it comes to old war planes!!
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    Dont have any info about the show , but did see alot of the action today while I was at a vendor there at the port . Some of those stunts are just AWESOME ! Be prepaired to spend alot of time in your vehical to get there . It took me over an hour to get from 270 and Alum Creek drive to get down to port Rd. :(

  3. Oh wow!! I have a buddy that lives in Obetz and he says we should be able to see it from his house. I am hoping to get a little closer to the action though. I'm mainly looking for info in regards to parking and show admission and a schedule.
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    was working off 23 due west of rickenbacker today and saw the f22 raptor, P51s a B17 the Thunderbirds and some acrobat biplanes today. Very cool. I've never been to an air show but I am thinking about goimg this weekend.
  5. That website you linked up is very, very slow. lol, but it contained all the information I was looking for, thanks. $25 per person sounds a little steep for a show you could see from down the road, but I think I'll splurge. I wanna get close to the action as it sounds like this may be a once in a lifetime event!!
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    After seeing the Raptor go straight up hang in the air and slowly push over today (he did it both right side up and upside down) i think that in itself would have been worth the admission price to be right there.

    Okay so I didn't get alot of actual work done today... ;)
  7. i saw a p 51 go over our place wednesday way to cool i wish i could go but cant. i know a couple guys on here are going. if you are going pleeeeeeeeeez post some pics for me and my wife.........we are airsow fanatics and we have been to alot of shows.......dayton,clevelend,rickenbacker........would love to see a pic of the F 22 for my old fishin buddy .thanx in advance.......mid
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    Yes they are P-51's. The show is called the gathering of mustangs and it is a really big deal. To my knowledge this has never been done before, and may never happen again. I have a feeling that traffic on the S.E. side of town will be brutal this weekend!

    I may try to go Sun, with my boys. Not sure if I'll make it or not.

    I love those old planes. The new ones are faster and what not but they lack the character of the old ones. The sound of those P-51's is great, it just sounds like raw horsepower!
  9. Yeah the flyover I saw today got me really excited. I had never even thought about going to an airshow before but now I'm syched. The news said they are expecting 200,000 people to attend this weekend. I plan to go on Sunday. Gates open at 8 and I plan to leave the house around 6:30 or 7 in case of traffic. I'm gonna stay all day!! I will take lots of pics for those that are wanting them.
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    I heard on the radio this morning about the show. More than 50 P-51's flying in special formation will be an incredible thing to witness. All the plane's are independantly owend and are worth over 1 million each. There will be several fly by of various formations. The P-51 has always been my favorite aircraft. I have seen one flying around Cincy area on a few occasions. I think he flies out of the small community airport in Blue Ash or at least lands there on occasion. Just the power and rumble one creates is awe inspiring I can't imagine what 50 would be like. Should be awsome. We will probably hear it down here in Cincy. Have fun. S
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    a buddy and i were fishing hargus on thursday and saw 1 P51,a pair of A10's and a pair of the F22's.yesterday at the firehouse we got to see a flying fortress(sounded amazing!!!)with 4 P51's flying escort with of the P51's had the solid red tail marking from the tuskeegee(sp?) group.
    this morning there has been a twin rudder bomber(B15 maybe?)and 6 P51's flying for about an hour now.i'm headed up for the show in the morning but in the last several days i've got to see more wwII aircraft flying than i ever have.
    if anyone is going for sure,a friend told me that it's a good idea to order tickets online because it about an hour wait to get tickets at the gate.
  12. surperfortress with p51's flying escort? now that must've been really cool to see.
  13. man jeffmo i bet that was a cool site......P 51 and a B 17 ......way to cool.......mid
  14. I made it to the show bright and early this morning. WOW, what an incredible experience. Well worth the $25 price tag. The Thunderbirds show alone was worth the admission. The F22 Raptor was really awesome as well. That thing flew by at over 1500 mph and then it climed from 300 ft to 15,000 ft in what seemed like under 5 seconds straight up. They also said that plane is capable of reaching speeds that the human body can't handle. I have lots of cool pictures to post for those who asked, I'll get them up after work tomorrow. Unfortuneately, the 51 P51's flying in formation didn't happen because they didn't get to practice it because of the bad weather last Thursday.
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    the show was amazing.
    the F 22 did maneuvers that looked slowed to a basic stop then did nose up back flip (not a loop)! i have a video of that's power is really unbelievable.the climb rate was mind boggling.almost out of sight in about 5 seconds.
    i had the honor of being able to meet some of the tuskeegee pilots and talk with them for a while.those guys really went through alot to become pilots and fight for this country.every one of them were signing autographs and telling stories about their experiences.real heroes in my opinion.
    there was a 101st airborne exibit which included the 327th glider infantry.i really enjoyed this because my father was in the 101st glider infantry group and i got to see alot of the equipment they used.
    the entire event made me feel really thankful to our vets for giving us the freedom that we enjoy and often take for granted.
    i'll post some pics when i get them re-sized.
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  19. " great pictures"

    Thanks a lot for posting them.

    Capt. Hook
  20. Here's a few of mine. I didn't take as many as I thought I did, I was to caught up in the excitement. Here are some P51's.